7 Weeks.
7 Chakras.
A Brand New Money Story.

The Money Codes is an online program guided by Samantha and Mason, founders of Soulit.

This unique course centered around dissolving the illusions that are held with money, journey's into the energetic body to rewrite your relationship with through self awareness + ease.

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What would your life look like with a clean relationship with money?

We get it. The energy around money is sticky. We are told and programmed with so many beliefs that limit our ability to create with our infinite potential. We collect stories from our parents, schools, and society that block us off from the Divine Truth.. we are limitless beings able to tap into the infinite abundance of the Cosmos. It's time to reconnect and become wealthy.

Can you imagine your world filled with an abundance of money?


What would that feel like?


Are you ready to be wildly abundant now?


The unique perspective on the energetics of money


This isn't your average money mindset work.

After working within the energy healing world collectively + guiding hundreds of clients into their dream world for the last 20 years, Mason and Samantha tap into what is really going on behind the scenes to create your reality with money.

  • Money is energy, just like everything else in your Universe. The secret hidden conversations that you have in the background audio of your mind, is what creates more or less money in your world. However, it goes deeper than just the words and the stories we tell ourselves. The hidden locked energetic stories around money that is buried in our DNA, past down generation through generation, is expressed through your cells and leaks into your reality. By releasing the old energetic coding around money, you get to create a new reality that is congruent with your Dreams and Vision of how you See yourself. You get to very quickly experience exponential prosperity NOW.

  • The Illusions around what money is, goes deep. It's buried in the story of the collective consciousness, this huge dream shared by the people on the planet. We are told in so many ways that money is serious, hard to come by, you have to work super extra hard for money. All of these illusions energetically hold us back from receiving our Divine Wealth. The stories around why and when we deserve money and when we don't. These big fat lies and illusions are the streams of thought seeds that inhibit us from enjoying and receiving incredible wealth. This is why dissolving these illusions and limiting beliefs is one of the most powerful gifts you can ever choose for yourself! 

The content in The Money Codes is already thorough + potent... and we just upgraded the energetics more!


The Money Codes curriculum is one of the most in depth systems around money out there and most definitely the deepest dive into the energetics that you will find.

Not only do you go through each of the main chakras and journey through the illusions stored in each one with the tools of journal prompts + chakra insight videos, BodyTalk sessions, EFT tapping sessions and kundalini yoga activation sequences.. you now get an even brighter component.

Samantha + Mason got a call from Spirit to add a whole new section into The Money Codes that offers new light code activations after the core belief work.

This creates a whole new aspect for you as you transcend your old limiting beliefs and paints the beautiful potential of your new money world.

PLUS! A brand new energetic transmission + teaching video called "Money Momentum" where we give you 3 key energetic strategies to align you to money NOW. Our intention in this video is to get you attracting wealth right away - even before going through the entire course. Why wait when you deserve massive wealth now!

Chakra Insight

Your Chakra System is the light source to your entire body. These 7 powerful energy centers that run down the middle of your body, create life force energy for your entire body. Most people have blocked energy in these 7 power centers, especially around the topic of money. When your energy field is shut down around money, it makes it more difficult for you to attract the level of energy and abundance that your being is designed to attract. By upgrading, fine tuning and understanding your Chakra system, we can tune up these energy fields so that you can radiate your most vibrant Source of Energy from within and magnetize incredible wealth into your world.

Chakra Insights come in the form of Worksheets, PDF and Video Content.

BodyTalk Session

BodyTalk is a unique system designed to upgrade and fine tune the energy frequency in your entire body. We'll be tuning into your unique innate wisdom to see what areas of your body, organs, endocrine systems, thought + belief systems are closing down or shutting down around money. The beauty of this system is that while you are being fine-tuned around your money energetics, your physical body will become stronger and more vibrant as well. We are releasing the dense energetics of money and replacing it with higher frequencies energies and thought fields.

• BodyTalk Session comes in Video Format so you have access to listen over and over again.

EFT (Tapping) Session

apping has been found as medicine even in the aboriginal cultures. What seems perhaps 'silly' or 'too simple to work' in our Western Minds, actually has powerful and profound effects upon the body. Our physical bodies are these highly intelligence vehicles that house the Spirit. Just the tiniest tap and touch send electrical signals all throughout our body. If your body is programmed for poverty, certain electrical circuits in your body will shut off when you are around physical money or when the topic of wealth, money or wealth creation is your field. Through a series of Tapping Videos, we can nourish and support your body in feeling lit up again when you speak about and think about money energy and wealth creation. By keeping your energy flowing around the substance of money, you are more easily able to hold, save and attract wealthy into your world at a much faster rate and feeling much more ease and simplicity in the process.

Kundalini Yoga Activation

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technology designed to support your body with being able to hold more light energy. These specific Kundalini Yoga Meditations are designed to nurture your body to be able to hold and handle the frequency of wealth energy that you are ready to activate and bring into your life. Through Kundalini Yoga technology, we can clear away the dense layers of old poverty consciousness or lack mentality energies that may be embedded in your body energetics. After this process, your body will be reprogrammed for wealth and prosperity.

Meet Your Coaches 

Samantha Blossom

business + prosperity + spiritual ORACLE + Founder of Soulit

A true pioneer in the world of energy medicine, Samantha Blossom has spent several years diving deep into the topic of Money and Abundance on an energetic level. Her focus has been working with heart centered entrepreneurs so that they can fully express their soul purpose while effortlessly attracting and receiving their dream income. Using the modalities of BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive, Accunect, Karuna Reiki, EFT Tapping and several other modalities, she has been highly successful in assisting her clients in breaking free of the financial glass ceiling and stepping into the level of income that they truly deserve. She sees herself as a Soul Guide that journeys with you in discovering what money stories are still holding you back from your true success.

Mason Smith

Wealth Embodiment Coach + Founder of Soulit

Mason has worked with private clients for over 6 years to guide them back to their alignment to the frequency of Wealth. She teaches ease + embodiment and how to tap back into pleasure and desire. 

She cultivated a multiple six figure personal business in under 9 months by working within the energetics of business, money and wealth. 

Her goal is to guide her clients back into the soul remembering that they are Divine beings worthy of being extremely abundant on all levels through ease + alignment.


Root Chakra

The Root chakra is where we nourish Sacred Safety + Security. By taking time to grow strong roots, you'll be able to stretch and grow much more easily. The Root Chakra takes us in the portal of observing ancestral money energetics and program. If you have inherited any poverty programs from your ancestors, we will be using light codes to go back and heal those programs and restore your energy field back to easy wealth manifestation.

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra teaches us about Pleasure. When we can fully activate our pleasure centers inside of our bodies, we can quickly and easily attract massive amounts of wealth and energy. Pleasure is a much more sustainable energy field than power. Many of us have heavy blocks in our Sacral Chakra that holds us back from receiving the true joy and pleasure that we were designed to feel and experience. By awakening and restoring portals to your internal Bliss Body, you'll naturally be magnetizing wealth energy into your world.

Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus energy is about tapping into your powerful innate energy. With a strong Solar Plexus, you can easily digest food, digest emotions and stay strong in your own authentic energy field. Here we will be working through decluttering programs that are holding you back from accessing your true full power. Many of us have ancestral and past life programs that make us feel like it's not safe for us to access our full power. We unconsciously walk around sending signals that we are weak or easily taken advantage of. We leave our energy field open and exposed to other people's agendas without being able to fully protect our truth. When we are able to stabilize this energy center, we can continue to tune into our authentic power and make decisions that are authentic to our own Soul Power.

Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is this magical power center where Desire is Created. The Heart energy when tuned up can be one of the most powerful energy centers to work with. When you are truly in magical love, you feel as if you could move mountains and swim across oceans. There is a huge driving force when you touch the heart. Many of us have micro-wounds stored in the heart that hold us back from truly accessing the power of this energy center. When we fine tune the frequencies of this Chakra energy field, we restore that powerful desire and driving force so that we can truly call into our world the manifestations that we deeply desire. Whether that is physical wealth, love, a new home or anything else that you are wanting to lovingly draw into your atmosphere.

Throat Chakra

Your Throat Chakra is what you use to infuse your light energy into the Earth. When you have a strong, clear and powerful throat chakra, you are able to truly ask for what you want. You can share how you actually feel, ask for what you actually want and truly speak about the things that you want to bring about. Many of us unconsciously use our throat chakras to speak about the exact thing that we do no want to create. Perhaps we talk about what we are worried about or we speak about worst case scenario. We may even be unconsciously speaking about how money has not been showing up for us or blaming why we can or cannot do something because of money energy. As we work through this energy field, you'll be powerfully speaking about the things you truly want to call into and create into your world.

Brow Chakra

Your Intuition is one of your strongest guidance system. When you have a clear Third Eye center, you can have access to clear guidance on what are the opportunities to say yes to. You have a clearer understanding of what your authentic "yes" and authentic "no" is. By staying tuned into your authenticity, you naturally create wealth energy in your world. When every decision you make takes you to greater joy, it's easy to manifest and create wealth. 

Crown Chakra

Your Crown Chakra is a unique force field that gives you access to Genius Ideas. When this power center is flowing well in your system, you naturally receive good ideas all the time. This is where you have direct access to that powerful energy that creates worlds. Many of us have been taught that it's not safe to have direct access to Source Energy. Taking time to clear away the clutter so that you can receive your own Divine Downloads allows life to feel a lot lighter and more magical. You feel like good ideas keep streaming into your system. These good ideas naturally take you to your new wealthy state.

Imagine the Freedom to be YOU

We know money isn't everything...and yet millions of people are challenged by this one aspect of their life. We know that as you clear away the old operating systems around money, that your whole world will feel freer, easier, lighter.. and you'll be able to be even more you! We love + adore you... and we believe in you.. we know that with incredible wealth energy, you will do incredible things. We are here to support you to make that a reality

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Money Momentum Video

7 Wealth Chakra Light Code Videos

7 Kundalini Yoga Videos

7 Money BodyTalk Sessions

7 EFT Tapping Sessions

In depth pdf of your 7 Chakras + Money

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