ah, welcome to the world of miracles

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ah, welcome to the world of miracles

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let's daydream together 

Can you imagine what life would feel like when you fully step into your power, claim your truth and allow yourself to shine brilliantly just because?

Can you imagine embodying all that you desire to be right now?

What would it feel like to fully tap into your radiance every day? (how would the lives around you change?)

Last but certainly not least: what would it feel like to make this journey of manifesting your dreams and materializing them with unconditional support the whole way?

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Healing can be filled with ease and joy

that's the truth of the integrated healer. stepping outside of the suffering and opening up the the possibility of freedom through inner reflection, responsibility and radical honesty.

How I work: 

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Always starting at the very beginning. The root cause. The underling belief system that is throwing you out of alignment. When you are in alignment, life is so extremely easy - you don't even have to "try"

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Tapping into your innate ability to create your wildest dreams your reality. It's all about remembering what you came here to do and remembering that you have the Divine Right to call it in now.

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Practical and grounded systems that bring the energy world into the physical. Merging the beautiful balance of the masculine and feminine. Bringing the beautiful dream into the right now.

It's all about being crystal clear in your desires, fully believing in your capabilities, and embodying that truth now.

The time is now. It is the perfect and most divine time to step into your power of moving mountains, of creating a brand new life for yourself and loving every minute of remembering it all.

Does it sound too good to be true? Or maybe it sounds so freaking good but you have no idea where to start. I know, I get it and that's the exact reason I crafted this for you.

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a 3 month journey of self mastery and manifestation

ease & potency can be synonymous 

When you commit to yourself for 3 months, you are sending out huge signals to the Universe of worthiness and this creates such a beautiful matrix of massive healing possibility.

This space was created to invoke the feelings of safety, structure and love even in the midst of radical change and transformation. I know that you know what healing really looks like. With this level of commitment and care allows you a safe place to go in, witness yourself while being cradled and held in a high vibrational state even in the ebbs of the healing process.

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A Soulit Quantum Healing Session

At the beginning of each private Soulit session, we begin with a general intake on your physical, emotional and energetic body. Through Conscious Coaching, I am able to look in from a higher perspective, offer guidance and channel messages for you from higher realms. We talk on a conscious level and bring in deeper understandings, sort through lessons, observe and witness old programs, belief systems and conditioning, and allow our Inner Being to shine it's brilliance on our present moment.

This is powerful one on one time where you feel heard, seen and understood. This is where you can come and be your authentic self. To remember that you must keep yourself clean, clear and aligned so you can consistently show up for your clients and amplify your reach.

Then, we release it using all the beautiful energy tools such as Body Intuitive, BodyTalk, Karuna Reiki, Conscious Channeling, Aura Clearing, Sound Vibration, Divine Guidance.

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An Alignment Coaching Call

Discussing what you intend to bring forth that week, what you wish to work on through manifestation work, align you to your desires on a conscious level and fine tune how you will achieve all of it in ease. This is about becoming crystal clear on how you want to feel so that you can be a vibrational match to what you want. This practice keeps you so focused on the possibility of your magnetic power.

(Can you imagine what you can create when you stay in alignment over and over again intentionally for 3 months?!)

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Voxer Access

Being able to mastermind, shoot over a quick question, bring in extra guidance/support/light work through the ebbs and flow of the following 3 months through communication is invaluable. This is the level of support that you need to fully quantum leap. It’s like having your Soul Coach in your pocket. (Monday-Friday)

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What you receive monthly


 2 Soulit Quantum Healing Sessions

 2 Alignment Coaching Calls

Voxer access to me M-F



You receive 6 Soulit sessions & 6 Alignment Coaching Calls in the 3 month container

We will connect weekly for either an Alignment Coaching Call or a Soulit Quantum Healing Session.


This One!
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What you receive monthly


4 Soulit Quantum Healing Sessions

4 Alignment Coaching Calls

Voxer access to me M-F



You receive 12 Soulit sessions & 12 Alignment Coaching Calls in the 3 month container

We will connect weekly for both an Alignment Coaching Call or a Soulit Quantum Healing Session.


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