What does it look like to be in the Flow?

3 months of inner work with grounded guidance.
each month you will receive:

1 Flow of Well Being Immersion

The Flow session is raw, emotional and extremely authentic. Unlike anything I have ever experienced in the energy healing world, you will discover a completely new way of releasing, dissolving, looking within and transforming your emotional, energetic and physical body.

1 Supportive Session

To support you in the beautiful transformation you will be achieving with the Flow, each month you will receive an extensive energy healing session that includes: Body Intuituve, Body Talk, Karuna Reiki, sound healing, and plant medicines.

2 Tune In

Being in the Flow means constant guidance. In each month, whenever you are feeling like you need some extra love ad healing, you can email me and I'll remotely tap into your energy field and help you transcend anything with grace.

Constant Communication

When you step into this beautiful container and healing vortex, I want you to feel safe and loved. You are able to be in committed conversation with me via email where you can share your successes, your current take on your emotional body or ask any questions!


Since the Flow is all about support, when you say yes to yourself in this big way, you also receive a FREE year of Soulit Hub!
The energy healing membership guided by both Samantha and myself.

What is the Flow of Well Being?

It is a gentle healing modality that works on the cellular level of the body to put it into the state of allowance. I have the strong belief that Good is in constant flow around us, and our job in this life is to either allow it or resist it. We are activating the subconscious mind to allow Well Being to consistently flow through every part of us. This is a big undertaking considering that we have been conditioned to believe this isn't possible. In the sessions, the focus is releasing anything that is not our Divine Truth. 


What does a Flow session look and feel like?

The first session is a very fast process of initiating the Flow to be received through the Crown Chakra. I do this in a Sacred ritual that was given to me through my mediations. This is the beginning of the cells accepting Well Being. It takes about 2-6 days for the cells to fully accept, as each cell is swelling with this Divine Truth. You can physically feel what I refer to as the Line of Well Being: where the cells have accepted and where the Flow has yet to begin.

Once the Line of Well Being goes from the top of the head, all the way down to the feet and the full body is vibrating with Well Being, the second stage of the process starts.

The second session is referred to as the Release. All of the energy that has been stored within the body, in between each individual cell, is now able to let go with ease since the body is operating at the new frequency of allowance. You can imagine your cells being full and vibrant and have loosened up anything that doesn't resonate with living your most true life anymore. Through my guidance, the body is able to let go in a safe and Sacred space. Any memories, trauma, limiting belief systems, ancestral beliefs, past life memories, etc. are drawn out of the body with a big emphasis on the nervous system, the upper chakras through the palm chakras and the lower chakras through the feet. This process is intimate, emotional and raw. It can take up to a few hours, however long the body needs to safely release.

When working within the flow, you will be getting one Flow session a month over the course of 3 months! This is massive healing that is designed for the person who is absolutely ready to change!

Who is the Flow for?

For the healers of the world, for the visionaries, for the thought leaders and high achievers. The Flow is beautifully and perfectly raw and intense. It is a journey that is Divinely guided through out the Sacred 3 months in the container. This is made for the people who have already went within, and are yearning to go deeper. For the people that know what it looks like when you say YES in a big way. It is for the people who can feel in it their hearts as they read this. That are so completely committed to their Purpose that they are willing to shed and let go of their past to pave their way into their brilliant present moment.



How did The Flow Manifest?

I was called to do a specific meditation that I feel like was Divinely given to me, 3 times a day for a month. During the end of the month, I got a very clear download that told me exactly what to do. I listened, and did the full ritual on myself and over time my loved ones. I noticed such miraculous happenings after receiving the sessions. Since I already have a full energy practice, a few of my clients were intrigued and allowed me to pass on the wisdom. The rest is history, I feel like it is part of my Purpose to share this gift that was given to me to others.

❁ can you imagine being able to be in touch with your Higher self again because you finally had a way to just let. it. go?
❁ can you imagine being able to release all of the trauma, pain, limiting beliefs, ancestral baggage on every level ~ mind, body and spirit.
❁ can you imagine having support and guidance while traveling down your Higher Path by a grounded soul coach?
❁ what would your life look like if suddenly you didn't have all of that holding you back? If you had a safe release and was able to rebirth into a new reality - this time making it your dream.


Experience on Sacred land through intimate earth connection

my office space is located in a perfectly renovated tiny home that sits on a beautiful urban farm. it is complete magic where time feels as if it stands still. I use the earth in so many different ways, to ground in energy, to slow down, to come back into natural rhythms once again. this space is completely ours to dive deep into healing and reconnect to Mother Earth. 

Allowing the Flow of Well Being on the cellular level. Can you imagine what your life would be like?

It's time to remember your Divine Truth


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Since the Flow is so raw and intimate, I have you take an assessment to see if you are aligned to the energetics within! I will be in contact shortly after reading through your answers. Can't wait to make beautiful magic with you!