To us coaching, healing and becoming is a process of self empowerment. We know that all of the energy and power is already inside of you. We believe our job is to simply remind you of your own unique soul gifts and your own energy and power to create. We hold sacred space and hold you in your highest expression so it feels safe, fun and  easy to awaken to your own true powers of creation and manifestation. There is always a Conscious Solution aligned to our Soul's deepest desires to everything that we are addressing in our lives, whether you are dealing with something that is physical, mental, emotional, family dynamic, business or career. All aspects of our lives and world can be enhanced and improved by understanding where we are investing our energy. We are here to teach, mentor and guide you to allow the flow and momentum of your energy to move in the direction of your dreams, aspirations and goals. Together, we allow for more magic and miracles to flow into your world. And we are so so excited to connect with you to elevate you and everyone you touch ♡ ♡ ♡

Samantha Blossom

Energy healing is one of my greatest joys. To me, life is a game of creation and with over 13 years of experience in the energy medicine world, I have seen so many miracles happen and occur. Healing can be so fun, so comfortable and so much easier than we think. I'm excited to share with you options, new perspectives and a new way to understand how you are creating the things that you want as well as the things that you don't want in your reality. There is beauty in the contrast in that it reminds us of the sweetness of alignment. Everything that has happened in your life up to this moment has been teaching and guiding you. It all has had a purpose, and together we can unravel the mystery and the messages much faster and learn what your Spirit has been wanting to share with you. In this way, we see a bigger picture perspective of reality. This allows us to relax into the enjoyment of each and every moment, breathe and day so that we can allow the magic to unfold for us.

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Mason Smith

I work in deeply intentional and high touch containers where I drop in and connect with your higher self, your guides and mine to facilitate the releases and connections that are ready to take place. I guide you and your body to a place of surrender so we can see what stories having been laying dormant within all bodies that are wanting to be seen. I speak to the body, the spirit and can see the energy lines and stories. I channel whatever is in your highest good to help move the energy with grace throughout the session. Connecting in with ancestral lines and past lives is a beautiful practice I share with my clients because usually they just want to be seen and heard so that they can transcend and you integrate the wisdom in them.

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Jenn Velmer

It's such an honor and joy to hold sacred space in the healing journey with others.  I believe each person has their own personal medicine, a deep magick interwoven through the alchemy of their human experiences and Soul Essence blueprint.  Often this is lost, covered or negated through experiences & the wounding takes the forefront of our understanding. 

In loving space, I help you illuminate your own Inner Compass of healing in the process of remembrance that each part of yourself is sacred and meant to be loved.

Sessions are a co-creation of the timeless wisdom inside of you, the unique way your emotional, spiritual & physical body are asking to be seen, what's ready to shift & intuitive channeling in my offerings to transmute that.

We work in all realms highlighting Ancestral and Star lineage re-alignment so the potency of your gifts and how they're meant to flow though you now in this time and space can be deeply supported and reclaim the wild magick that is YOU.

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Momo Yasutake

I truly believe, reveling in this infinite playground of creation, relishing this never ending growth & expansion in this place we call Earth is why we came to be. That we are here to experience the joys of being human while harnessing the powers of our Souls to bring our deepest desires into the physical.

I see you, hold you, and guide you as you journey back home to your light and unleash your true power as Source experiencing life through you.

Together we will dive deep to unlock the Magic hidden in the light codes of your being. Activate your genius, love, and prosperity blueprint to allow your fullest expression to manifest into the earth plane. Align your Body, Mind & Spirit to work in unison to harness your true power as Source in the human form.

It fills me up so much to see all the beautiful Souls in awe of their own light and elevating with so much fun, joy and ease.

You are the masterpiece of your life. And I am beyond honored to lead all the amazing light leaders of our time in reclaiming their Magic in elevating & activating others through the ripples of their Magic unfolding into the world.

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