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We are Mason and Samantha, your manifestation coaches. Our purpose is to teach you how to live your brightest most self empowered life. We know that healing and soul growth can be fun and relaxing and we're here to guide you to a new culture of fun and easy growth.

What is Soulit Hub?

a nourishing space to easily ascend + elevate

It's simple! monthly Soulit Sessions + Soulit Insight Teaching videos sent directly to your inbox where you have lifetime access to these Sacred teachings.

Imagine receiving energy boosts and insightful Soul Updates on a consistent monthly basis. Soulit Hub is a space where you can tune into Higher Guidance and make it a fun part of your self love, self care, self ascension routine. Any time that you feel like you are having an energetic dip or feeling off track in your world, you’ll have Soulit Hub to come to so that you can re-charge and reboot. Life can be distracting sometimes and we want to make it easy for you to stay on your powerful Destiny and incredible Soul Path!


Year 1 Topics

Month 1: The Abundance Vortex

Month 2: Miracles + Manifestation

Month 3: Surrender + Flow

Month 4: Creativity + Creation

Month 5: Grounding + Protection

Month 6: Reconnecting to Your Soul Guides

Month 7: Moon Medicine

Month 8: Heart Coherence

Month 9: Soul Ignition

Month 10: Wild Expression

Month 11: Masculine + Feminine Unity Consciousness

Month 12: The Oneness Concept

  • Receive Monthly Soulit Sessions on Video - delivered to your Inbox in your membership portal.
  • Monthly Soul Insight Teachings on Video
  • Tap into the Soulit HUB fb Collective where Soul Igniters gather and up-vibe each other to the next level of miracles

Monthly Soulit Sessions

Guided by Mason Smith and Samantha Blossom, a Soulit Session is a beautiful blend of years of experience in the energy medicine world. We are able to tap into all possibilities and release what is no longer serving you so that you can show up and SHINE in greater ways!

Sessions include a blend of Karuna Reiki. BodyTalk. BodyIntuitive. Accunect. Tapping. Ascension Codes. Connection + downloads from your Angelic Team + Soul Guides. Light Code Activations. Color + Sound Alchemy. Soul Ascension Attunements.

Monthly Soul Insight Teachings

To accompany your Soulit Session, you will receive an in depth teaching video that supports you in bringing the month's power topic into your daily routine. By offering insights into how to more clearly connect to your Inner Higher Guidance + Inner Divine Wisdom, you'll find yourself flourishing and feeling even more joy in your every day living. 

Soulit Hub Facebook Group

You will be surrounded by loving beings during your entire journey! Upon joining, you have unlimited access to the Soulit Hub Facebook group! Filled with heart centered awesome people that are on the road to ascension. Having a tribe is one of the fastest ways to learn and grow. By sharing what you have learned in your world and listening to how others have their own 'aha moments' and 'breakthroughs', you'll see how fast your awareness levels begin to rise. Your ascension process speeds up when vibing with others that are rising, blossoming and ascending just like you!

Your Soulit Coaches

It is our intention for you to access your fastest ascension through this sacred container. As your personal manifestation coaches + quantum healers, we have your highest sacred expression in mind. It is our belief that once you learn the practical steps and tools of manifestation, that everything in your world will feel lighter and easier.

Imagine that the moment you feel yourself getting off track, you have soul guidance to redirect the momentum of your creation to exactly what you truly want to create.

The benefits of having a mentor is that they have already gone through the rugged terrain. They know the ins and outs so they can create a map for you to get through it faster.

As you move through your every day world, there will be moments of energetic murkiness, slowness, confusion, stickiness and possibly even indecision that is slowing you down. With your team of quantum accelerators, we are energetically holding space for your highest guidance to come through so that you can stay clear, centered and energized as you navigate through your daily world.

How will my world Up-Vibe?

• Increase speed + momentum in your day to day projects

• Feel more joyful, at peace, uplifted and connected to your world + your relationships more often of the time 

• Feel safe, held and nourished in a sacred container to allow for faster soul growth + soul connection (strong roots allow for faster acceleration)

• Be exposed to new ways of being that will support your body in healing + recovering faster so that you can be more energized + more productive more often of the time

• Teach your body how to process emotions faster

• Tap into higher consciousness so that you can create faster and from an even more whole space

• Have more confidence and connection to your Inner Self

• Nurture your Soul Connection so that you can have even more accurate direct Higher Guidance + Intuition from within

I'm Ready for Soulit Hub!

Your world is painted by you + designed by you. Together we can weed out the story-lines, words + energetics that no longer serve you so that you can live the dreamy world that only lives in your imagination. Through bold courage, together we can make this new world your reality. You deserve to feel so good not later, but NOW.


Who is this For?

(1) Soul Inspired Teachers
(2) Community Leaders + Impactors
(3) Healers + Spiritual Artists
(4) Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs
(5) Transformational Leaders
(6) Change-Makers
(7) the Movers + Shakers of the world

Teachers, leaders, visionaries, coaches, the soulpreneur, the givers of the world that are ready to come to a space to be fully nourished and to truly receive.

• People who are ready to accelerate in their soul growth + ascension process, ready to dive deep with themselves and awaken to a brand new awareness of who they Divinely are.

• Innovators ready to accelerate and speed up the creation pace of their projects, increase focus + productivity as well nourish their bodies to be able to heal + recover faster as well as be more efficient and more productive.


Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

Join Soulit Hub and let's make magic happen together!




Enjoy an incredible year of tapping into the bliss of manifestation & magic. Get it You! You're about to receive powerful energy tune ups each month for an entire year! woohoo! 💖


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