hi I'm Samantha and I'm here to teach you quantum manifestation so you can grow your business, create wild wealth and feel sparkles all along your journey.

Are you here to create incredible impact AND live your most lit up life?

If you're vibing a soul YES! Then it's time that we expand your capacity to be powerfully embodied, create wild wealth and sparkle up your superhuman energy field. 

I'm Ready! I want to work with Samantha 1:1

 Take a moment to journey with me...

♡ Imagine waking up bursting with joy for life because you're charged up for your day and living ON PUROSE! (You can literally hear your cells singing with joy.)
♡ Imagine quickly navigating and releasing all the fear, doubt and scarcity that comes up while you're expanding into the true you 

♡ Imagine sparkly, vibrant people, incredible circumstances and wonderful win win opportunities just seem to show up and magnetize into your vortex

♡ Imagine expanding your ability to heal, write, sing, create, share, play, express with soul ease

♡ Imagine what it's like to have so much more ease in all areas of your world
♡ Imagine being able to tangibly feel the super support from the Universe in every aspect of your world

♡ Imagine your first $5k, $10k, $100k day and that instead of feeling stressful, it felt like pure bliss flowing over your whole body, because it was a soul yes!

Now let's take this journey a little deeper...

♡ What would happen if the things that you want to create for yourself and the planet were gaining momentum and happening now instead of 10 years from now?
♡ What would happen if you had such a clear understanding of your own energy field, that you innately made laser focused decisions that always support your path and alignment? Imagine how much time you'd save!
♡ What if you knew exactly who you are on a Soul Level beyond what you are creating, your business or your income? Imagine how easy it would be to stay in your bliss state.
♡ And what if you knew yourself so well that you knew exactly what lit you up and what drained you, as well as how to recharge your own energy field. Imagine how useful that will be as you continue to expand your bandwidth in business and in life.
💞I’m currently taking on private clients. 
💖This program is for visionaries who are ready to activate deeper joy, more freedom and gain success momentum at the Speed of Light
💖The quantum leaps that you will make in this program will be out of this world and not feel like any other experience that you've had
💖My clients have gone from $100 sessions to hitting 7 figures in under a year
💖healed from incurable dis-eases that they had for over 10 years
💖created dream businesses + dream incomes they never thought possible and sustained the momentum
💖My clients know that we live in an abundant Universe and they are always ready to go deeper, experience more, share more, impact more people and keep their expansion light momentum flowing 
If this sounds like you, I'd so love to connect and explore creating incredible energy together to support your vision, dreams and life purpose.


Introducing... the Flower Codes...

Why were the Flower Codes created?

Growing up with business owners and entrepreneurs, my greatest pain was seeing them sacrifice their own freedom, family time and joy for the success of their business. I would see them eventually burn out and no longer feel joyful for the incredible vision they were creating.

I am so passionate about healers, visionaries, coaches, writers, speakers, and entrepreneurs because you are the change leaders of our planet.

I know that there is an easier way. A more soul expansive and joyous way to create and I can't wait to share with you all of the soul awakening secrets so that you can Flower all of the magic you were designed to create.

The FLOWER Codes

Blossom + Ignite Your Destiny

flower LOVE

We begin our work together here. Love is the most incredible and powerful force of the Universe. By dissolving things that you no longer love in your world, we create space for the things that truly light you up and powerfully awaken your Spirit FireLight. 

By tuning into what you truly love, we support you in stepping powerfully back into your Soul Signature. This is the unique Sound Vibration and Soul Expression that was created and designed just for you. The things that you love and don't love are guiding you and speaking to you.

As we gain back your energy by calling the things that you truly love into your world and into your life, we also have the opportunity to expand your inner and outer definition of love. 

Together, we Expand your Love Capacity through:

• ancestral healing
• activating incredible self love + soul love
• attracting the things that you truly love in your world so you have even more energy
• infuse even more love into the energies that you are giving out and radiating out

And activating and awakening your most brilliant heart energy + true powerful soul light.

flower WEALTH

What's wealth gotta do with it? We receive + experience what we mirror out.

When you are in the space of pure wonder, love + joy, you are radiating pure joy and the Universe will reflect pure goodness back to you. 

By taking time to love on the different aspects of your life and your world on a whole new level, we are able to attract wealth from multiple layers and dimensions of reality. 

When you feel soul-full on the inside and are radiating out incredible energy, wealth and resources gravitate towards you. As we build and create new energy and momentum together, we are able to manifest and create your new joyful world! Seeing all of the pieces of your personal life, world, enterprise/business matrix flourish, you joyously step into your Destiny.

flower DESTINY

The incredibleness of your Destiny expressed is that it is even a surprise for you. As you cultivate and quantum leap into your new reality, the joys and the experiences that will unfold are soul much more than we can craft or write into words. It is that pure direct connection with Cosmic Source in your every day life, that leads to magic and surprises around every corner. It allows all of life to feel and be the magical space that it was intended to be. Only you and your Sacred Soul will know where this unfolds to and I am so joyous to be a part of this awakening and feeling into with you. I know that there is a spectrum of good feeling emotions that have not even been tapped in yet by you, and together, we will dive into this new bandwidth of life, experience and emotions.. and I am soul happy and honored to get to walk together with you through all of this magic!

Sacred Alchemy Energy Medicine

Everything is energy. You can create and transform anything from the quantum field.

Light Codes

Light codes are high energy frequency packets of light that get joyously infused into your system. It reminds your cells of how highly intelligent they truly are. By working with incredibly beautiful rays of light frequency, we naturally get to release the denser frequencies from your physical body and energy bodies. Over time, this will organically support your system in being able to release old emotions, old patterns, old programs much faster while also having a stronger and more resilient body. You can expect faster physical healing time, increased intuition and a deeper connection to your Soul Self.

Bliss Body Activation

As we move through decluttering some of the older, denser emotions, you'll begin to awaken and activate your Bliss Body. This supports you in feeling a greater sense of inner happiness and bliss than you may have ever experienced. We work extensively with the 6 senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight and intuition) so that you can clear away old filters and see life as magically as it was designed for you.

Soul Intelligence Awakening

As we continue our soul growth journey together, it is natural for your greatest soul gifts to come forth. If you are a healer, you'll see your gifts amplify 10x. If you are a writer, you'll see your writing magically flow from your fingertips. If you are a designer, you'll begin to see your gifts flow in even more effortlessly. This may be my very favorite part of the process, seeing how your superhuman gifts unfold as we continue to activate and awaken your DNA so that you may truly operate at your optimal best.

What Stories + Energetics will we transform?

Stories are soul powerful. You create with your words and you create with the stories you tell yourself and others. Re-writing your story is re-writing your life.

Ancestral + Past Life Stories

This is the energetic momentum buried deep in your cellular DNA. You feel like you are taking all of the conscious actions to move your life towards a certain direction, and still feel something pulling you in the exact opposite direction from where you want to go.

You may find yourself making choices or decisions that don't turn out the way you expected or when good things happens, it seems that some type of conflict is lurking just around the corner.

These may be unprocessed energies and stories from the ancestral lineage or past life programs. These can be lovingly healed, released and resolved. As this old energy momentum lovingly heals and transforms, you can boldly create and step into the You that you know your are designed to be.

Your Current Reality

Most people have a difficult time with creating something new because they are so focused on what is in their current world. When we are focused on our current world and putting energy into 'what is', then we are creating more of what is. 

Perhaps you have childhood stories that continue to play over and over in your mind or you might be focused on an aspect of your current world that truly is no longer working for you. As you continue to put energy towards these things, you are gaining energetic momentum in the exact opposite direction from where you want to go.

You are such a powerful creator. As we work together, we will micro fine tune all of the aspects of your world to be an even greater expression of your soul truth.

Your Future World Creation

The energy that we infuse into today is the energy that creates your tomorrow. Clarity is power and together we will craft and create your North Star. By getting clear on the exact future you'd like to experience, we can focus our sacred vortex of creation to move towards this new reality that you are calling into being. 

There are multiple realities possible and by activating your Now Joy, you can magnetize the future that you are Soul Ready for.

This is for the soul inspired + heart connected creator

The Spirit Adventurer that is here to shake up things, reveal truths and rock the planet!

This is designed for the action taker and the open receiver! The person that is ready and willing to dive deep and look inside and also willing to go the extra mile

This is for the magical being that is stretching, being brave, going out of their comfort zone to awaken their full expression

We will play, cry, laugh, clear out the old anger, dissolve the grief patterns and explore all of the range of emotions on the deepest level so that you can return to your own Divine Purity -- which equals you soul excited for life and manifesting soul fast

you will feel ecstatic in your body, impact more people and make more money than you've ever made

This is for the Soul Adventurer that is ready to get stretchy and grow into the New You. 

I have 3 spaces only (These will go super fast) This program includes the absolute highest level access to me (online and/or in person)

There will be sparkling water with lemon and most expansive feeling months ever. You'll have deeper connection, increased intuition, and feel Soul Aligned.

You truly get to have it alllllll, sweetness. ❤

This is a high 4 figure investment (with payment plans)

Email me at [email protected]Blossom.com if you're feeling soul ready or click the button below.

I'm so excited to meet you! If you're finding me, we have a sacred contract to work together... so let's get some magic flowing together! xo

It's my Time! Take me to work 1:1 with Samantha!

What does it feel like to work with Samantha?

Sessions whether in person, online through Zoom, or remotely (done for you while you are busy with your regular every day life) are very relaxing. Many clients have reported seeing beautiful rainbow light frequencies while receiving sessions. Others may feel a warm sensation throughout their body. Some sessions may feel like a warm hug from the universe. Other sessions you may feel your body processing and releasing. Since I will be supporting you every step of the way through this journey and process, you can always reach out and we can adjust the frequency of how you are feeling in the moment.

What Styles of Sessions are Available?

In Person Sessions: Available in Vancouver, WA

Online Sessions: Zoom Recordings

Remote Sessions: Email Responses, Text, Messenger or Marco Polo Video

I'm Ready to Feel Soul Amazing!

What's Included?

• 3 Soulit Sessions/month 
• 3 Soul FireLight Strategy Sessions/month - stoking the energy, excitement and momentum of your creation so that you stay energetically clear and on track
• Monthly Copy + Content Review - so that your messages stays soul aligned and energetically in tune
• M-F Voxer/Email/Text Access
you are showered with love every step of the way through this process



• 1 year in Soulit Hub (Valued @ $997) - experience a high vibrational community to super charge your creations
• The Money Codes (Valued @ $1997) - activate your powerful wealth now
• FULL VIP Day - Creation Accelerator (Valued $8000)


Your Ascension Investment:
$11,888/month or $33,000 paid in full


Your Ascension Investment:
$11,888/month or $55,000 paid in full

I'm Feelin' Soul Ready!

Energetic Investment

This may feel like a big leap for you. Know that you are quantum leaping into a new reality. The sparkles that you're feeling inside are the new energies flowing through your system. This is the new energetic level that you are choosing to activate. The moment that you say YES you will begin to feel more energy, new downloads and access incredible creativity into your world.

I completely honor your financial investment and your FULL yes to your Spirit embodying. I know that this is a Sacred journey, and I am absolutely honored that you are choosing to work with me.


Yes! I am ready to Ignite my Destiny!

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