To us coaching is a process of self empowerment. We know that all of the energy and power is already inside of you. Our job is to remind you of your own unique soul gifts and your own energy and power to create. We hold space and create an environment where it is safe, easy and comfortable for you to awaken to your own true powers of creation and manifestation. There is a Spiritual Solution + Consciousness Solution to everything that we are addressing in our lives, whether you are dealing with something that is physical, mental, emotional, family dynamic, business or career. All aspects of your life and world can be enhanced and improved by understanding where you are investing your energy. We are here to teach, mentor and guide you to allow the flow and momentum of your energy to actually move in the direction of your dreams, aspirations and goals. Together,  we allow magic and incredible miracles to occur in your world. We're so excited to connect and work together!

Samantha Blossom

Energy healing is one of my greatest joys. To me, life is a game of creation and with over 13 years of experience in the energy medicine world, I have seen so many miracles happen and occur. Healing can be so fun, so comfortable and so much easier than we think. I'm excited to share with you options, new perspectives and a new way to understand how you are creating the things that you want as well as the things that you don't want in your reality. There is beauty in the contrast in that it reminds us of the sweetness of alignment. Everything that has happened in your life up to this moment has been teaching and guiding you. It all has had a purpose, and together we can unravel the mystery and the messages much faster and learn what your Spirit has been wanting to share with you. In this way, we see a bigger picture perspective of reality. This allows us to relax into the enjoyment of each and every moment, breathe and day so that we can allow the magic to unfold for us.

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Mason Smith

After my own healing journey and spiritual ascension (that is forever ongoing!) I jumped fully into the energy world and never looked back. It's been over 5 years of learning, utilizing and working privately with clients, training healers, teaching classes and seminars. 

It lights me up to be of service to the world and I witness miracle after miracle with my clients. I specialize in working within the emotional body and being able to listen to what your body to trying to communicate with you. It is true bliss to walk alongside of the beautiful beings that are ready to look within, dive deep and surrender to the flow of life. It is beautiful to witness how a simple shift of perspective with a safe and grounded guide can completely change your life. I am passionate about the process of remembering everything that you carry within your soul, the love and the truth, so that you can live a heart centered life!

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Momo Yasutake

I truly believe we are here on this planet in this physical time space reality for the pure joy of creating. Experiencing the joys of being human while accessing the powers of our spirit to manifest our deepest desires into form. After my world was blown wide open when diagnosed with Lupus (an “incurable” Autoimmune disease) marked the start of the most incredible healing journey in rediscovering the joy of being Me. Fast forward 10 years, Lupus free, symptom free, off all medications I am living “on-purpose” fully aligned to my Soul. Reveling in this infinite playground of creation, relishing in this never ending growth & expansion is beyond magic. It’s been nothing but miracles working with clients for over 6 years on their journeys. It fills me up so much to see all the beautiful Souls recognizing their own light and elevating with so much ease and fun. There’s nothing like the moment they see what I’ve seen all along, the most expansive, radiant, magical Soul that they are.

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Jenn Velmer

It’s truly my joy that I get to work in the healing journey with others.  I believe there is an Inner Healer within each person & I guide others to see by honoring their human experience - it awakens their own personal medicine.  We often forget how interwoven the stories of our souls are to the stories of the physical. Awakening the healer is a journey back to the whole self, not just the spiritual side - but the human experience and all it encompasses.  Just as Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  There is a deep wisdom & magic in your own story that has the ability to transform your woundings into your gifts,  just waiting for you to hear its call. 

I love getting REAL about the processes of life with my clients...  Living in what I call a “perfection illusion” society, we are constantly being imprinted one mold of what beauty, success, or having it together looks like.  However, being perfect is not a part of being human and that’s actually one of the most beautiful parts of it.  If everything was perfect, there would be no need for anything; no growth, no relationships, no experiences, pleasure, taste, discovery... anything!  When it comes down to it - really we are just trying to do the best that we can, figuring out how to navigate life. The more we can understand that about ourselves, the more it opens the realms of healing and possibilities. When you open to your gifts - it opens worlds for you.

Life is the unfolding journey back to remembrance that each part of ourself is sacred and meant to be loved.

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