Oracle Masterclass

This isĀ for the woman who is willing to take herself to her personal next level of energetic mastery. She is willing to dive deep within her Soul to transform and awaken the forgotten pieces of herself and illuminate the magic within. She who creates her own world and activates her own vision. She is ready to have all that she's ever desired and willing to dive deep to create with the alchemy of the Cosmos.

Each day will be a journey of inner exploration, discovery and activation of the 3 Virtues within to accelerate the magic in your inner and outer world.


There is an untapped magic and power that lies hidden within all of us. 

We are given glimmers of these visions with our vivid imaginations and our fiery, wild desires.

There are moments of these soft whispers, nudging us, telling us that there is more to explore, more to experience and more that is available. 

This fiery desire is the Voice of the Cosmos within.

Have you ever wondered if there was a map or a guidance system that can navigate you through the waters of your reality so that you can more swiftly land in the world that you see in your visions?

Together, we can open the quantum field to explore the process of creation, tune into your own Divine Inner Guidance System, and arrive in the world that you see within soul in light speed. 



Our Journey Begins Here 

Day 1

The Virtue of Trust

Learn how to:

Come home to the multiverse of yourself

Unveil the illusions clouding your Vision

Embrace your inner Shadow Goddess 

Illuminate the truth of yourself

Trust your Inner Guidance


 Day 2

The Virtue of Grace

Learn how to:

Gracefully walk through your Shadows 

Retrieve the Gems from deep within your Shadows

See the Magick in dancing with the Dark Goddess

Infuse love into every aspect of your being


Day 3

The Virtue of Wonder

Learn how to:

See from the eyes of the powerful Oracle within

Awaken your future vision into the present

Activate the rainbow bridge (bridging the present you to the future you)

Create into reality the fullest expression of you


About Soulit

We are here to remind you of the Magick within you.

The legacy that we want to leave on this planet is the path of joy, freedom and ease.

We know & embody our inner bliss body and are excited to have you marinate in our wisdom and vibes so can you embody yours.

Collectively, we have seen miracle after miracle within our bodies, our lives, and the world of our clients. Momo has made the impossible, possible by curing an incurable Autoimmune disease within her own body by diving deep into herself discovery journey and activating her Soul Blueprint. Her fascination for the human vessel, studies in Genetics, and love for the inner workings of the Cosmos lead to her passion in leading light leaders in activating their DNA light codes, leading so many in creating a life through embodying the fullest expression of their Self. Mason has healed herself from nearly dying from salmonella poisoning while traveling in Peru and transformed into the healer's healer, leading so many in embracing their gifts so they can share it with the world. Jenn has awakened and activated her inner goddess by experiencing the deep collective wounds of the Divine Feminine within humanity. She found the beauty & potency within this through her own personal dance in the sacredness of death & loss in the journey of becoming. Her ability & love of seeing the deep medicine within the pain led her joy to help others activating unconditional love in all aspects so the magic in the mundane can be freed & the whole self expressed. This embodiment gets to be shared with a beautiful family, thriving business and a magical tribe of light beings changing the world along side her. Samantha has explored the world seeking for the answers in the external world studying biochem, traveling to Shanghai, China and journeying through acupuncture school and seeking different masters to finally coming home and remembering that the magick is within. She currently is abundantly thriving in her multiple businesses, leading so many light beings into their future Goddess selves.

Through their own journeys, they have each found their way to magical tools of transformation including; BodyTalk, Accunect, Quantum Healing, Hypnosis, Past Life therapy, Mindset Work, 7 Planes of Existence, Gene Keys, Human Design, Arcturian Light Codes, working with Star Beings, Theta Healing, DNA Activations and so much more.

With their clients they have witnessed thousands of miracles from women who saw her gifts as nothing more than just who she is to owning her gifts and stepping into her life of freedom & joy, to clients having $0 in the bank to over $200k in the bank, the miracles are limitless.

These beautiful miracles have become the norm in our world and we want to guide you in opening up the world of miracles for you.

We are honored to lead you on this collective awakening of you, of us and of the world.

It lights us up knowing we get to witness your Magick as you embark on this journey with us. We know your time and energy is so precious and we love every single moment we get to spend with you.

Thank you for taking the time to do your activation work. The world thanks you, knowing that a single person awakening sends a ripple effect to 100,000 others.

We are constantly in awe of seeing so many awakening to the truth of who they are. We envision clean oceans, we envision a beautifully thriving planet filled with lit up star children free to choose what they want to learn & experience on this School of Earth.

Change starts with us. We get to lead the energy. We get to embody the change, and the World Responds. Will you paint the vision of this new world with us?


Samantha, Jenn, Momo and Mason

So Much Love