We are so excited to gift you a completely free Soulit session that focuses on the importance of looking down our ancestral line and clearing up any stagnant energy that isn't a vibrational match to who we really are.

It's really simple, all you have to do is sign up below and you will receive an email that includes the session in it. You deserve to heal and so do your ancestors!


The MUST HAVE session if you want to be free to create your own reality

The Soulit Sisters are experts in quantum healing and manifestation that incorporate BodyTalk, Body Intuitive, Karuna Reiki, Lightwork, conscious channeling, and whatever else is needed in each unique Soulit Session.

There is power in numbers. This session is not only lead by 4 healers, but was also created for the collective consciousness. When we remember the Oneness concept, we tap into the powerful world of unity.

Through a Soulit Session, we are able to look into the full energetic, physical, and emotional body to see where the imbalances lay that are yearning for their story to be told and creating a clear pathway for the body to release on all levels.

There is so much value to be able to witness what stories, programming and conditioning is playing in the subconscious and therefore creating our physical reality. Especially being able to release the power of what is stored within the ancestral lineage. 

It's time to finally allow yourself enough space to create a new story that is in tune with who you really are. Though the release process, you are purging old energy and are creating enough room to rewrite your beliefs.

"Mason’s ability to identify body-held memories and emotions is nothing short of amazing. Her practice is full of wisdom and honoring of what arises in each session. With Mason’s help, I have released traumatic memories and emotions resulting in improved physical and emotional health including self-compassion. "

K. W.

"Momo gets right to the root of what's going on with you and helps your body transform it from within, gently, and thoroughly. She's helped me with overall health and balance, stress relief, and body pain. She's the only person I've worked with who's been able to help me release a chronic pain in my upper back that no ones else has been able to help me with. The work she offers is integrated with her own deep connection with the magic of life. "

A. G.

"What a profound and effective method for healing. It was affirmed to me within first 5 minutes of my first session with Jenn that this practice is legit and powerful. Sessions with her showed the type of person she is. Completely solid and strong, wise, and someone that you can totally trust and be vulnerable with. My full support to her and the continuation with this practice."

K. D.

A note from your Soulit Sisters

We are absolutely honored to be able to gift this potent session to you.

Please note that this level energy healing is very powerful and the releasing process can be felt in the physical body. Give yourself enough time to settle in prior to your session and about 30 minutes after to fully download all the new information. 

It is common to feel like you are spinning and light headed while in session and afterwards. It can be felt in small ways through out the body similar to detox symptoms like a headache, body aches, etc. This is just you purging old energy and it is important to give yourself enough time to integrate and process.

Happy healing!


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