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Hi Loves,

My name is Momo and I’m here to help you remember who you are. I see You. Not the damaged, broken, dimmed down version of you, but the strong, magical, expansive you underneath all the muck that’s accumulated over the years. Sometimes we forget who we actually are underneath it all. I believe we are all spirit beings that come into this world in our unique human vessels to play in this physical time space reality to create and fulfill our Soul’s truest desires. As a light being, the first half of our lives we learn how to become “human” to survive in this physical world, and once we’ve developed our individual sense of self the rest of our time here we spend trying to remember who we were when we first came - light beings, here to transcend and expand our consciousness just for the pure joy and magic of it.  As a Soul Coach, Quantum Energy Healer, and Manifestation Strategist I help guide and hold space for those ready to transcend into their truest, most Soul Lit version of themselves. Together we can bring more ease in allowing the unconditional love and support of the Cosmos to flood in and let the flow of well being be the guide to your Soul’s deepest desires. 

Let your Magic Shine<3

Connect with me Soul to Soul

Imagine moving through life with...

  • Crystal clear clarity in who you are and what you’re here to do
  • So much ease within the contrast of everyday life
  • Being SO in the flow that everything feels effortless, like you’re just witnessing things unfold where things are just happening and you’re just along for the ride
  • Synchronicities showing up left and right it becomes your new state of being
  • Miracles becoming so normal that you can’t even remember what it’s like to not seeing the magic of the Cosmos being played out every day 
  • Witnessing your strongest desires unfolding right in front of your eyes
  • Living SO Soulit that you can see your light igniting every soul you touch and watching the ripple effect of your high vibrations changing lives
  • A community of co-creators that support and love on your expansion journey and are lit up, thriving, and flying with you

Let’s rediscover your truth & co-create together!

Private Quantum Healing Sessions

3 or 6 Quantum Energy Healing Session Packages

Working on the subconscious we will clear and shift all the muck (in your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual bodies) that’s clouding your light so you can connect back in with your Divine Soul Essence.

With the idea that all physical imbalances come from a consciousness imbalance we get to the root of the issue and shift it through all the layers (Spiritual, Emotional, Mental) down to the Physical. So that you can tap back into your magic and learn how to live with crystal clear clarity, being pulled in the direction of your deepest truest desires with ease.

*Session Packages are available in a bundle of 3 or 6, so we can fully commit to your transformation.

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Soulit Manifestation Online Course

An 8 week course in how to Manifest anything you desire.

In this course we will go through 5 powerful steps that you can rinse and repeat anytime you want to Manifest something into your life!

This is literally what I use and so many of my clients use to manifest literally anything; Money, high end clients, your tribe, soul partners, a new home, a mentor/coach, a new car, business partners, even fun little things like free drinks or a free trip to Bali!

Plus you get 3 bonus modules to unfuck your mind when you get stuck in the process of creating.

This course is literally all you need to start creating what you want instantly.

Get ready for your mind to be blown.



True Essence:
VIP Transformation Program

Includes both Quantum Energy Healing Sessions & Soul Alignment Coaching plus more <3

Think of it as a boot camp for standing in your alignment and expressing your truth.

A 3 month deep dive transformation journey including a combination of Soul Alignment Coaching and Quantum Energy Healing specifically tailored to you with daily Voxer support where you basically have your own personal Quantum Healer & Soul Coach on speed dial. By being held in this sacred transformational vortex for 3 months while being nourished and loved on through hands on support you will transform your current reality into a Soul Charged Life where your True Essence can shine.

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Working on the Conscious & Subconscious Level

Soul Coaching
::: Conscious Work :::
Claim your power as a Divine Creatress using your Soul compass guiding you through the trenches of healing and transformation. By becoming aware of your thoughts, emotions, and the reason behind your actions we work on getting you fully in integrity with your truest desires. We work on the Conscious level to create a reality aligned to your Soul. Together we will re-wire your brain, create new neuropathways, and make the bliss vibes your default mode - Unfuck your brain, open up your ability to see the energetics behind every experience, and learn how to use the Law of Attraction in the real world.

Quantum Energy Healing
::: Subconscious Work :::
There are so many levels of the body that is not accessible to us consciously. In this Energy Healing we tap into the Subconscious parts of our systems to shift, clear, transform the unintentional resistance, blocks, and programing and get back into alignment with your Soul desires. These energy healing sessions includes, BodyTalk Energy Medicine, Body Intuitive Energy Medicine, Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture points, Meridian Harmonizing), Reiki, Past Life Work, Astrology, Ayurvedic Medicine (Principles of Kundalini Yoga, Chakra balancing), Western Medicine (Epigenetics, Microbiome re-balancing, Hormone & Neurotransmitter rebalancing, NeuroScience).

"Momo is a force to be reckoned with. She is kind, gentle and easy-going, but her presence while doing sessions is powerful and profound. She gets right to the root of what's going on with you and helps your body transform it from within, gently, and thoroughly. She's helped me with overall health and balance, stress relief, and body pain. She's the only person I've worked with who's been able to help me release a chronic pain in my upper back that no ones else has been able to help me with. The work she offers is integrated with her own deep connection with the magic of life. Her being radiates with this connection, and it's infectious."

Acupuncturist, BodyIntuitive Practitioner

"Wow.... where do I even begin with Momo? I have worked with her from the basic daily things that come up needing help clarifying or gaining insight, and she has also been there in literally some of the most challenging, dark places in my life. To me, Momo is my go to. I know I am in a safe space with her that will allow me to be completely real with her, which allows me to be completely real with myself. To have support in healing this way is one of the best I've ever received. If you haven't worked with her yet.... you're missing out."

Past Life Practitioner, Intuitive Healer

"Going to see Momo to treat my chronic hip pain was one of the best things I have ever done. Not only did she tackle the physical symptoms I presented with, but she was able to professionally and non-judgementally help me navigate the emotional trauma I had had stored in there for years. Just a few sessions with her resulted in profound impacts for my overall well being. She was completely present, spoke in a language that I could understand and guided me through the Body Talk process without leaving any questions lingering. I would not hesitate to recommend Momo to anyone. She is truly a gifted - and well studied - healer for the modern world. "

Paige Leacy
Copy Writer, Word Alchemist

"Momo is such a power house! Any time that I have been craving soul acceleration, Momo has been my 'go-to' girl! I can't even explain how fast her sessions are! She is one transformative Divine Goddess! I've had moments where I literally had no idea what my next steps would be, and 30 minutes after a session with her.. boom! Clarity and direction just arrives. It's so much fun to work in this way. I can't even begin to share the level of depth and transformation I've experienced from working with Momo. Tangible results, feeling so stuck and just wanting to stay in bed, to feeling like a million dollars and ready to show up for the world! These sessions are priceless and I would so so SUPER HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that is ready for fast healing and incredible transformation. Thank you for your super gifts in the world Momo! So grateful to vibe in your sphere! xoxo"

Samantha Blossom
Manifestation Coach, Quantum Healer

"I love working with Momo because she has gotten me to a place in my life where I'm feeling more grateful, hopeful and receiving more of what I want in my life. My anxiety and stress has gone down so much and my life has been directed in a more positive way, life is more exciting than before and I feel heard and understood by her. It has been truly life changing. Momo is really good at what she does and if you're looking to make great positive shifts in your life you should definitely work with her"

Alexis Green

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