You have hidden inside you

Genius Codes

Love Codes

Prosperity Codes

waiting to be unlocked and activated so you can embody your limitless LightHuman self to live the life you came here to live.

Fully expressed, truly free as a powerful creator.

For you, for us, for the world.

There's only one of you

And you are Magnificent

Your unique gifts, genius, love, and prosperity coding is designed to awaken a beautiful quality of light into the collective.

The world wants to experience your beautiful light.

You ready to unleash your true power?


I'm a Soul Activator here to catalyze you into your next level LightHuman Self so you can freely create on this Earth plane everything you've ever dreamed of creating in this lifetime.

I use your Gene Keys (your unique Soul blueprint) to unlock the hidden light codes of your DNA & activate the genius, love, and prosperity codes of your Soul.

Your unique gifts, genius, desires, and purpose make up your unique vibrational frequency that radiates out into the electromagnetic cloud of your aura.

Your beautiful one of a kind aura is what magnetizes all of your Soul's desires to you in the form of money, material things, relationships, opportunities and every single experience your Soul is craving on its awakening journey.

You came into this 3D plane to create your desires into form with so much ease and joy.

so you can experience all of you

so we can experience all of you

so the world can experience all of you♡ 

I can not WAIT to connect with you and witness your brilliance, you gorgeous soul you ;)


I have 1 opening for Private 1:1 Coaching ♡

This is a 3 month accelerated transformation container where you will discover your Soul blueprint through Gene Keys, amplify your magnetic auric field, and hone your ability to effortlessly create your reality like Magic.

Every week you'll get:

▽ 1 Soul Embodiment Coaching ▽

▽ 1 Quantum Healing Session ▽

▽ Voxer Support ▽

(have me on speed dial)

+ Access to all the whole Soulit library

+ All existing programs (Soulit Hub, all Soulit Sessions)

+ Any new programs launching during our time together


That's 2 sesh's + voxer support a week + all the bonuses 

this is for the person who's ready to deeply transform their lives while being guided and held in a high frequency jesus vibe vortex.


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What is Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys is a lightcode transmission language derived from Human Design, the great teachings of the I Ching, and Genetics all wrapped up into one beautiful system designed to raise the frequency of your DNA.

Every human is born with a unique sacred geometry embedded deep within their being. This geometry can be plotted through the precise timing and placement of your birth. This same structure is holographically encoded in your DNA, forming a distinct profile of genetic patterns and digital sequences each relating to an aspect of your life. This Holographic Profile is the original blueprint that tells you who you are, how you operate and above all why you are here.

(Rudd, Richard.The Gene Keys. Gene Keys Publishing, 2015 Ed)

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How do I work with Gene Keys?

Your Hologenetic Profile is a personalized map of the various genetic sequences that will unlock or awaken different aspect of your genius, life purpose, your relationship patterns, your financial prosperity, your family dynamics, your developmental cycle as a child, your health, and healing and your spiritual awakening.           

I use your unique Hologenetic Profile of the Gene Keys (your personal Soul Blueprint) as the roadmap to help transmute self destructive patterns and tendencies that are keeping you from fully embodying your inner purpose and your deepest Soul desires from becoming your reality.

(Rudd, Richard.The Gene Keys. Gene Keys Publishing, 2015 Ed)

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 Align body, mind, and soul 

Quantum leap into your desired reality on all areas of your life; strong radiant body, unwavering emotional well being, laser focused mental clarity, soul nourishing relationships with family, loved ones and life partners, overflow of prosperity through fulfilling purpose & vocation, and a community of beautiful soul travelers here to accelerate the evolution of human consiouscness with you. 

Working on the energetics of your Soul Blueprint

on all 7 planes of existence

on all 7 sacred bodies

 to heal, shift and clear the blocks keeping you out of alignment with your deepest Soul desires. Together we will unlock and activate your genius, love and prosperity codes to allow in the limitless possibilities of this magical Cosmos into the physical. While reveling in the joy of seeing behind the scenes of this theatre of Gaia playing out through you.

I am merely a facilitator guided by your Soul's wisdom on it's own unique path to awakening.


A Quantum Healing sessions includes... 

▽ BodyTalk Energy Medicine ▽

▽ BodyIntuitive Healing▽

▽ Theta Healing ▽

▽ Yantaro Jiro Healing ▽

▽ Light Code Activations ▽

▽ Gene Keys Activations ▽


Integrate mind body and soul

You will learn how to consciously integrate your three brains (head, heart, gut) with the new activated codings of your Soul.

Learning how to use your belief systems, thought forms, and emotions to work for you instead of against you. This is the fascinating "inner work" that allows you to live in integrity with your desires so you can actually allow your vision to become your reality with so much ease, wonder, and joy.

One of my personal gifts I've cultivated through my own discovery of my Soul Blueprint is my ability to see the energetic patterns that tie together your belief systems, thought patterns, emotions, life experiences, and all the karmic/dharmic influences that's played a role in creating the undesired creations of your current reality.

I will gently be guiding and teaching you how to recognize these shadow patterns within your system and showing you how to shift them just enough to create an outcome aligned to your Soul desires.

All shadows are cast by the same light. And through the journey of self forgiveness, love and compassion for  the self the shadow frequencies will beautiful transcend into the light.

I am merely a guide, leaning into your Soul to help you remember your true power as the divine in human form.


 A Soul Embodiment sessions includes... 

▽ Divine Guidance ▽

▽ Light Team Channeling ▽

▽ Quantum pattern recognition ▽

▽ Rewiring neuropathways ▽

▽ Manifestation Mindset work ▽

▽ Gene Keys activations ▽


Dive into your beautiful inner world and go on a magical adventure of self discovery, embody the fullest expression, and materialize everything you've ever wanted just by be-ing YOU.

Private Soul Align Session

Align body mind and spirit 

working on the energetics of your Soul Blueprint

on all 7 planes of existence

on all 7 bodies

Quantum leap into your desired reality 

Focus on any area of your life you'd like to uplevel, from calling in a new lover to calling in a new house, a new business partner, more clients, more money, more clarity, more energy, anything that lights up your Soul.


What's included:

1 x Soul Align Session

+ Guidance on how to keep the magic unfolding after the session

focused on any area of your life you'd like to shift in your reality

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Private Gene Key Session

Activate your Genius

Discover your Soul Blueprint through your unique hologenetic profile of the Gene Keys. Unlock your unique Prime Gifts and activate your inner Genius.

Together we will decode your life's work, your greatest challenge, how you are meant to show up as your most radiant self, and your true purpose. 


What's included:

1 x Soul Align Session

1 x Gene Key Activation PDF

+ Guidance on how to keep the magic unfolding after the session

focused on one of your unique Prime Gifts of your Gene Key Profile

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Miracle Magnet

Group Program

Go through a Cosmic carwash, recalibrate to Jesus vibes where miracles are the default and become a miracle magnet. This is the exact process I used to manifest anything and everything, from a spontaneous healing from Lupus to living in Bali and making the most money I've ever made by working less and playing more. A process I still use to this day every time I fall out of the vortex, or am ready to up-level into more.

What's included:

6 x Live Modules

6 x Group Soul Align Sessions

+ Exclusive high frequency Facebook group where you have access to me and all the beautiful souls on the journey with you

+ Guidance on how to keep the magic unfolding after the session

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1:1 Private Coaching

Deep Dive Journey

A 3mo deep dive journey into the inner workings of your Soul to see how it translates into your reality.

We will be using your Hologenetic Profile of the Gene Keys as a roadmap to transcend the shadow frequencies hidden deep within your being. We will clean, shift, re-align the energetics and the inner workings of the Cosmos within your unique blueprint. So you can embody your fullest expression and wield your radiant energy to joyously materialize all your desires into form.

You will be held in a sacred high frequency container as you deep dive into your self discovery voyage being activated, guided, and aligned every step of the way.

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Momo is a gift from the gods.


Consider yourself truly blessed if you get the opportunity to work with her.


Momo is able to hold healing space without judgement and while processing emotionally difficult and complex issues like only a handful of professionals I have ever encountered. She seems to truly be able to enter and embody a  jesus-like state where she leaves her own human emotions and opinions behind so that you could open all your wounds to that pure love to receive light and healing.


Momo’s adaptability to be able to deliver what her clients need, when her clients need it is almost unparalleled. She smoothly goes between energy healing, coaching, and divine guidance, holding you and seeing you as you are in a seamless fashion.


Momo’s gifts as a coach and healer are insane. In one session, she easily brings in detailed bio-physical changes, chakra / field changes, past life changes, relationship shifts, and soul level changes. She makes it seem totally normal to be talking about and then healing a physical health issue on a biological level and then to quickly and smoothly change to examining (and healing!) it from a deep soul level. 


Momo is like a brain surgeon in her ability to go detailed on physical level. It’s like art watching her blend her traditional scientific training with her energy work. Listening to her talk about what she is doing is like watching parts of your body unfold as you learn about the biology down to and past the cellular level.


Listening to Momo as she is doing past life / spiritual work on you, is like having a healer work on a quilt of who you are and helping you understand why you are as you are, while also bringing peace and healing as she helps to bring the quilt back together with new energy. Everything she is talking about resonates, and is at the right detailed level (always changing) for healing. Her ability here is insane: to be talking about things that are not of your current life, but are almost undeniably a part of you.


I worked intensely with Momo during one of the roughest parts of my life. I was pretty much hitting rock bottom. Others wouldn’t even touch me, my situation brought up so much for them as humans. Momo helped lift me up from the ashes. 


Momo is a genius and moves quickly. So for other people who are incredibly smart with fast moving minds, who are getting into forms of energetic healing, she is an amazing match. She gets so much done in a single session. She is capable of explaining what she is doing to other high functioning minds and skeptics. She blends her energetic powers with her science-backed knowledge of the human body. Her work is downright refreshing to other critical thinkers in its transparency and hybrid approach. 


Momo’s work is so powerful that the manifestations are undeniable. Having an inclination towards skepticism and a desire for data, all this “energy” stuff can at times leave you feeling “ does it really work?” With Momo, there is no room for doubt. If you’re a skeptic, you might be at one of your moments wondering if someone can really do any changes though energy alone, and then “boom” just an undeniable result or series of results shows up that you have to turn into a believer again. My life is changed forever after working with her, I am forever grateful.



Real Estate Guru


Yoga teacher + Life Coach

My session with Momo was pure magic. Her loving energy made me feel safe and present like I haven’t felt before. What I loved about the session with Momo was the incredible, accurate and on point insight to my own subconsciousness. I was reminded of my childhood and how some of my traumas still influence me as an adult today. I felt the change immediately, something clicked. Even though I spent one hour with Momo, the healing was taking the course of next two weeks or so following the session. I felt energy shifting in my body and mind. My vision is more clear, I have better clarity of who I am and where I am going. I just feel more happier and excited in general. If you are considering working with Momo, don’t hesitate. Momo is an amazing, gifted healer and guide who helps you to integrate all that comes up. What I love is that Momo helps you to tap into your own energy and potential and then support you as you show up this way in all areas of your life - career, relationships, service, abundance… AND you get to witness the results super fast.

- LB

Quantum Energy Alchemist

Wow.... where do I even begin with Momo? I have worked with her from the basic daily things that come up needing help clarifying or gaining insight, and she has also been there in literally some of the most challenging, dark places in my life. To me, Momo is my go to.  I know I am in a safe space with her that will allow me to be completely real with her, which allows me to be completely real with myself.  To have support in healing this way is one of the best I've ever received.  If you haven't worked with her yet, you're missing out.

- JV

Business + Prosperity Coach

Momo is such a power house! Any time that I have been craving soul acceleration, Momo has been my 'go-to' girl! I can't even explain how fast her sessions are! She is one transformative Divine Goddess! I've had moments where I literally had no idea what my next steps would be, and 30 minutes after a session with her.. boom! Clarity and direction just arrives. It's so much fun to work in this way. I can't even begin to share the level of depth and transformation I've experienced from working with Momo. Tangible results, feeling so stuck and just wanting to stay in bed, to feeling like a million dollars and ready to show up for the world! These sessions are priceless and I would so so SUPER HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that is ready for fast healing and incredible transformation. Thank you for your super gifts in the world Momo! So grateful to vibe in your sphere! xoxo

- SB

Step into the portal where all things are possible.

Your future self thanks you

I want in!