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the best coaches have coaches, the best healers have healers. that's me. 




I'm Ready!

I am so joyously presenting The Flow

For the healers of the world, for the visionaries, for the thought leaders, coaches and high achievers. The Flow is beautifully and perfectly raw and intense. My most intimate and VIP offer. 

For the people that know what it looks like when you say YES in a big way. It is for the people who can feel in it their hearts as they read this.

That are so completely committed to their Purpose that they are willing to shed and let go of their past to pave their way into their brilliant present moment.


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Are you seeking grounded soul guidance?

I invite you to join the powerful healing vortex where you will transcend old programs, limiting belief systems and be able to tap back into your Divine Power while being loved on throughout your entire journey.

the quantum leap membership was created for you

What does it look like to Quantum Leap with Mason Smith?

2 monthly & private Soulit sessions

Every 2 weeks, you will receive a private healing session that includes:

Body Intuitive

Body Talk

Karuna Reiki

Sound Healing

Plant Medicine

Conscious Channeling

Divine Grounded Guidance

3 months of committed healing

By consciously committing to your healing over the course of a few months, you are sending out a powerful message to the Universe and Cosmos. You are saying yes to you, over and over again. When you are continuously in the Quantum Leaping healing vortex, your body and transcend at an incredibly fast rate. You are allowing yourself enough time and love to go deep into the layers to see exactly what needs to be released now for your Highest Good.

Highly discounted rate


As you lovingly choose your happiness, health and over all Well Being, every cell of your body rejoices. This commit allows you not only to heal past wounds, but also save money!

There is also the option to renew your membership after the 3 months to continue your healing journey if you feel called to do so.

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"Working with Mason helped me unlock the mystery of pain that I carried that I could never understand, and as a result could never resolve. Pain that comes from energy and ancestral ties and all the intangible unseen trauma that runs through family lines. She helped me understand things from a completely different lens, and as a result I am feeling healed and lighter and more capable than I ever could have imagined. Mason is an intuitive healer the likes of which I've never experienced and I am forever grateful and continue to reap the benefits of working with her."

H. B.

"Mason has been a huge part of my awakening process. She’s been able to tap into some energies that have healed my life, including ancestral patterns I didn’t even realize I was carrying. I couldn’t recommend her enough! She is amazingly talented and an intuitive healer that has transformed my life in a dramatic way."

C. W.

"Mason’s ability to identify body-held memories and emotions is nothing short of amazing. Her practice is full of wisdom and honoring of what arises in each session. With Mason’s help, I have released traumatic memories and emotions resulting in improved physical and emotional health including self-compassion."

K. W.

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