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mason smith

co-founder of Soulit
wealth + alignment coach

 it's time to fully step into your alignment and be wealthy on all levels ⋓

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It is time to claim your radiance

I guide coaches, healers, leaders and visionaries into a constant state of alignment. 

Here is the core belief of my work:

Alignment isn't fleeting.

Your Divine Success is simply waiting for you to not only align deeper into your desires but also (even more importantly) more consistently.

I know you have tasted it. The undeniable feeling of knowing, bravery, boldness, synchronicity.

It's time to make it normal. 



I am currently opening up 1 spot in my private coaching container!

(this is a big deal - I rarely have openings)

what it looks like to be nourished with me as your wealth embodiment coach over the course of 3 months together

⋓1 conscious coaching call per week

⋓1 remote + recorded quantum healing session per week

⋓ complete voxer access to me

that's 2 high touches per week with constant access to me through out the duration of the container

this is for the person who is ready to radically change their life while being guided + held by a grounded mentor as you learn to align deeper and more consistently 


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Dr. Amron Bevels, Coach

"My business has grown in ALL the right ways, in a matter of weeks.

Major mental upleveling

Major CLAIMING of my wants

Getting out NEED thinking

Getting out of “justification of my wants” thinking

I have made the most money in the shortest period of time, ever (I made what I made last YEAR, in one WEEK!)

My clarity as a channel for my clients’ empowerment and personal development has totally transformed; my energy reserve for clients has increased while my actual work output in hours has drastically decreased. My sense of ease and JOY in my life have gone way way up.

This is all inside work. The outside has to follow suit. Need I say more? So much love for you, Mason."

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Brittany Gordien, Coach + Healer

"Mason is one of the most powerful wealth + alignment coaches and healers I’ve ever worked with!

After just one session, I instantly tripled my prices and launched a new program that’s opening new portals to the frequency of wealth on all levels - financially, vibrationally, in my relationship and manifestations.

Mason radiates wealth from every cell of her being and teaches you how to tap into this part of yourself. just being in her field will instantly calibrate you to a higher frequency. her ability to see through your limitations and joyfully guide you to your quantum leap is done with a unique groundedness, childlike sense of adventure and beautiful grace.

Forever grateful for all the ways you have and continue to inspire my growth and help me dream + receive more than I ever knew possible."


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Holly B. Intuitive Therapist

“Working with Mason helped me unlock the mystery of pain that I carried that I could never understand, and as a result could never resolve. Pain that comes from energy and ancestral ties and all the intangible unseen trauma that runs through family lines. She helped me understand things from a completely different lens, and as a result I am feeling healed and lighter and more capable than I ever could have imagined. Mason is an intuitive healer the likes of which I've never experienced and I am forever grateful and continue to reap the benefits of working with her.”

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Can you feel it? You are ready for more.

You know, but you want to K N O W.

You have touched it, but you are now ready to hold it.

Your soul is leading you to this exact moment, where you realize that what you are actually searching for:

1. Embodiment

2. Knowing

3. Connection

Your personal power is leading you to this heart aligned desire. You are ready for your inevitable wealth to be your new normal. 

This is what your Soul desires as a new standard simply because on a deep soul level you know this is how you make the IMPACT that you came here to create.


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Let me be transparent.

When you work with me in my containers, you are stepping into a different realm.

I am deeply physic + intuitive and utilize this masterfully into my coaching. I can tap into the unseen and move energy on a whim. I see the old stories, stagnant energy, and blocks that are you keeping you from fully stepping into your power and claiming your power and wealth.

The Quantum Field is where we play. I talk to your energy, your aura, your body and see what is really going on behind the scenes. 

I deeply believe and embody that things are can either be easy or hard.

Working in this way is deliberately choosing ease.

Choosing to hold onto illusions and grip your way through life is hard and unnecessary. Especially when you have a coach that can see and move the unseen. That can tap into the energetics that are so deeply engrained in your system that you have truly believed that that they are true.

I'm here to remind you that if it doesn't feel good: it isn't true

God, the Universe, the Cosmos wants you to be wealthy. You just have to remember.

It's all available to you. You just to align and be ready to release what is blocking you from this Divine Right of yours.

You don't have to guess anymore, I can see it.

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The Frequency of Expansion Masterclass

I am teaching a LIVE masterclass on how to embody the next level wealth that is knocking on your door. I am giving you my step by step process on how I have cultivated a multiple 6 fig. business in less than 9 months. This is PURELY energetic! 

What you receive:

The Frequency of Expansion Masterclass LIVE teaching

Inner Work-Book to dive into before class to get you in the vibe of wealth + moving energy

Lifetime access to the replay placed within an online portal for you


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Want a taste? Want to pop into the wealth vortex and see what happens when energy moves + you align?

I offer one off's where you get just that. 90 minutes of my energy which you get to calibrate and utilize in every part of your life. We move the limiting beliefs and blocks that are keeping you stagnant. Messages are channeled, energy is seen + moved. This is next level calibration.

Come prepared with questions, intentions and be ready to receive. Massive shifts happen in these containers that directly affect your business + wealth in all levels.

"After just one session, I instantly tripled my prices and launched a new program that’s opening new portals to the frequency of wealth on all levels - financially, vibrationally, in my relationship and manifestations." -Brittany Gordien, Coach + Healer 

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In my 1:1 coaching containers, it is either for 3/6/12 months. This container is deeply intimate and my most in depth space. It includes a weekly coaching call, a weekly remote energetic session, Voxer access to me (basically me in your pocket), and access to all past programs and ones launched during our time together.

This is deep dive soul work where you are able create and live your dream life. The Energetics of Wealth is about soul aligned decision making, leading from desire, embodying self leadership and creating impact from the SOUL. This is wealth. Wealth is trust, knowing, luxury, understanding, integrity.

This is for the person who is READY. 

Who knows what it takes and is willing to lean in and receive on deeper and more aligned levels.

Wealth is knowing. Knowing who you are no matter what is happening externally. Your alignment is supposed be sustained, easy, reliable. That's the next level you are searching for. This is personal power.

Let's embody.


A beautiful love note from my private client, Dr. Amron Bevels

If you are wondering what it feels like be nourished in my container, take a few moments to journey into the experience with this beautiful video. 

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The Energetic Power of Commitment

By consciously committing to your healing over the course of a few months, you are sending out a powerful message to the Universe and Cosmos. You are saying yes to you, over and over again. When you are continuously in the Quantum Leaping healing vortex, your body and transcend at an incredibly fast rate. You are allowing yourself enough time and love to go deep into the layers to see exactly what needs to be released now for your Highest Good.

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The beautiful ability to work together anywhere

No matter where you are in the world, you can live a Soulit life. While working within the Energetic Field, I am able to tap into your unique frequency regardless of location and time. We live in a Universe filled with miracles, and working in this Time Space reality allows us to experience that daily.
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Mason’s ability to identify body-held memories and emotions is nothing short of amazing.  Her practice is full of wisdom and honoring of what arises in each session.  With Mason’s help, I have released traumatic memories and emotions resulting in improved physical and emotional health including self-compassion.

- K.W.
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