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I know with the fast pace of life, it's more than easy to take on the stories of our experiences as the truth of who we are "supposed" to be & easy to forget just how Divine we are. It's easy to equate the spiritual aspects of ourself as more profound and limitless, but I believe there is just as much potency and power in being Human.

There is a loving alchemy that exists in each aspect of our lives waiting to transform the limitations & woundings into some of the greatest allies and treasures and awaken the Inner healer.

Bring it Alchemy!

I'm here to lovingly guide you to reclaim the Power of being Human and awaken the healer within

when you’re ready to...

Awaken your innate Inner Knowing and rhythms and tap into your own personal medicine

Get a deeper understanding of what your survival and coping patterns are trying to communicate 

Show up for yourself and move THROUGH these experiences to free your authentic truth

Drop the bullshit of other people/society etc molds that keep your brilliance from shining

Get super real about the human experience & bring in more gentleness to the healing journey 

See how your personal experiences affect your 7 vital energies/powers

Discover the sacredness of emotions (especially ones that have been labeled as bad)

Learn how to transmute your triggers into allies 

Claim your right to thrive vs just survive

I'm ready!

Yes, we are Divine brilliant beings, but we are also in a human body/experience

Neuroscience has recognized that 95% of our life is controlled by our subconscious (which basically acts as a sponge taking EVERYTHING in without filters). This means most of the way we react and respond to life is controlled by subconscious patterns from what has been imprinted and experienced.

Beautifully... your body has a deep Inner Knowing that can lead to freedom.

Within the life journey it helps you cope & survive without even having to think, yet it is waiting to share the depths of wisdom with you. 

When the wisdom of the subconscious  from your experiences is unveiled, it reveals realms of healing for body, mind and soul. 

Ways We Can Co-create in the healing journey

Soul Mapping Session

60 minutes

One time session

The best way to work with me, is to start here. This unveils the interwoven pieces of your experiences. It is an hour Soul Mapping session were we explore the journey into your current world and see what is ready to shift. 

Yes please!

Inner Knowing Body Intuitive Sessions

60 minutes

Online or In Person

Dive Deeper... this is where we access the Innate wisdom within you to clear subconscious self limiting beliefs,
unveiling the interconnection of body, mind and soul to open up the freedom of your authentic
truth to emerge.

I hear the call!

Interior Illumination Membership

2 Inner Knowing Body Intuitive Sessions

60 minutes

2 emails per month

Tuning into what your body, mind and soul needs processed two times a month allows the room
for your interior illumination and natural process of healing to light up in an otherwise busy

Yes to Self Care!

Past Life Therapy (In Person Only)

Just as we carry things in our cellular memory, I call the subconscious our Soul-ular memory.
Here we are accessing the trauma of the soul, deep survival patterns and
coping mechanisms. We go into and THROUGH the stories so your own authentic truth can
EMERGE. I highly recommend this for anyone with depression, PTSD, or addiction, or anyone
who has been through verbal, sexual, or physical abuse.

This is one is for me

Illuminate Purpose VIP 1:1 Program:


This is a 3 month program to Illuminate your deeper purpose. This consists of a variety of Inner Knowing Intuitive Sessions, Soul Coaching, and personalized Trigger Mapping Sessions I've developed-Seeing how your personal experiences affect your 7 vital energies, and how to transmute your triggers into allies. Learn to merge the signature of your unique soul blueprint with the power of your human experiences to allow your authentic gifts and deeper purpose to emerge.


Learn more

"What a profound and effective method for healing. It was affirmed to me within first 5 minutes of my first session with Jenn that this practice is legit and powerful. Sessions with her showed the type of person she is. Completely solid and strong, wise, and someone that you can totally trust and be vulnerable with. My full support to her and the continuation with this practice."

Sacred Geometry Artist, Entrepreneur

"The sessions I had with Jenn were profoundly healing and revealing!! Whatever was tapped into needed to be remembered by my waking conscious and has improved my relationship with my family and myself. I feel I gained perspective on my life that I would never have otherwise and it has helped me to proceed with confidence into the vast unknown future. Jenn, you are such a comforting, shining light. You lead with ease and in a way that allowed me to dive deep into forgotten territory with less fear than I had anticipated. The work I did with you is still unraveling in discreet but in profound ways. Looking forward to our next session! And so much more!"


" I wanted to go into this unknown practice with a full open heart and be receptive to what it fully has to offer. With many things of the 'unknown' you have some skepticism about what it has to offer until you fully can live through it and experience it for yourself. I experienced two sessions with Jenn, and if I had to sum up those two events into a few words it would be: you don't quite realize the depths in which you reach with yourself until the next day, when the dust has dissipated and you have time to connect with what you have gone through in the session. When in the session going through the motions and where Jenn directs and assists your mind to help take you- it is not forced, but rather your body and mind take you to places that are asking to be opened up. Through this leading for myself, helped to turn over rocks deep within my soul that otherwise were cold and musty, but now it's almost as if those areas are allowed to breath and flow freely. This is a beautiful journey to take, and so often we do not because it hurts, it feels gross and it's 'easier' to shove them under the rock. Past Life sessions allow yourself to naturally take it where it needs to go, almost like autopilot, but rest assured knowing that it will land safely"

- CS

"I didn't know what to expect at first.. The soul mapping alone was awesome and a key to many doors of opportunities of growth in itself. The questions that Jenn started asking were so simple yet so hard to answer. The questions were difficult because you really had to go deep inside yourself and be totally real with yourself and not sugar coat the answers. It was also cool and eye opening in so many ways of just what you actually think of yourself and where you come from. When we were done with the Soul Mapping, Jenn asked if i had a intention going into the session and I stated what my intention was very clearly. It was actually weeks later that I was able to do my first session. What an amazing experience. I personally went into a past life or what i thought was a past life...i don't know if this actually happened but the clarity that it brought to me in this current lifetime is astonishing. The parallels and synchronicity that have been brought to my awareness and the connecting of the dots is profound and honestly just cool as shit... And what was really next level is the intention that i went in with i actually forgot about- because like i said it was weeks between the intake and the session and how interconnected my intention was with the session was straight up next level....Jenn is amazing at guiding you through this experience and what a experience it is. Thanks and can't wait for more sessions... "


"I had almost given up- therapist after therapist and psychotherapists & I always left them feeling worse than when I came in. I was already in a lot of pain and depressed and sick. I had lost hope as to what to do and how to do it. When I first met Jenn I thought, "Oh no, she seems so young and little. How could she ever help me?" But I found out even though she is small, she has a great powerful gift. She brought me back to myself, back to hope, and helped me learn to listen to the truth inside of me. I finally came into my SELF. So much of my thinking and perception around my value changed, and gave me the confidence I never had before. I don't know if I would still be here if it weren't for working with her. My life has changed, and although I still have my ups and downs as life brings, I have the greater ability to handle these things. She helped give me the tools to live life in my truth and worth in a way I didn't think possible."

- RW

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