A major revival of the throat chakra


We share energy as we communicate 

It is time we harness this power and speak from an aligned place


Join G R A C E

It is time.

To claim the power that we hold within ourselves and transfer through our



It is an art.

To be able to tap into your heart and gracefully communicate from a higher space.
An art that will change all aspects of your life.


The way you speak to yourself,

The way you speak to others,

The way you speak with your business,

The way you speak in wealth.

And I am here to guide you into the art of aligned communication.


This isn't just communication.


It's the energetics behind how we communicate.


Feel the difference?


We manifest through the throat.

It is one of the most powerful parts of our energetic system and simultaneously one of the most wounded parts of us.

I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of clients through my coaching and deep energetic work and it has been proven to me over and over again how deeply wounded we are when it comes to our speech.

Which means we are manifesting and creating aspects of our life through the wounding which creates a lack centered manifestation process.

Many of these blocks come from deep childhood memories stored within the body + mind and it is time to do the work to clean up our energy and create from a space of desire.

In all aspects of life.


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Using the energetics of GRACE in 3 beautiful ways 

Day One


All about the art of communication within relationships. Upgrading the understanding and energetics in how to speak from the heart in a way that the other can receive it. I give you my exact process on how I have healed many relationships through intention while tapping into a higher understanding. This is something my private clients have experienced miraculous changes from as well.

Day Two


All about how you communicate within and to your business matrix. This is major uplevel in your awareness of how the energetics of business works and you ability to change the frequency through the words you speak in regards to it. We go over the power of desire based goal setting and how we get to manifest even faster from the art of speaking.

Day Three


All about using the energy of your throat to create from a space of desire in regards to your money consciousness. Being able to identify where you are speaking out of alignment of your truest desires and cleaning up any energy leaks so you can quantum leap your income AND impact.

Mason Smith

Wealth Embodiment Coach + Co-founder of Soulit

I am so freaking excited to share with you these practices because it changed everything for me.

It comes from my heart and directly from my experience, in navigating how to harness the power of my word and leverage it to create more wealth in my life.

Wealth is love, harmony, trust, understanding, ease.

When I started to use more grace within my self, my relationships, within my business, and my wealth consciousness, everything became


I built a multiple 6 figure business in 10 months out of pure desire and ease.

It happened that way because I was gentle with myself.

I got real with myself and how I was utilizing the power of the center of manifestation within my energetic body.

The more I leaned into the truth of love and shared it, my life changed.

I let go of the harshness and therefore, life became less harsh.

When I embraced more GRACE in my life, more GRACE came in.

This is my desire for you. That you get to look at yourself inside of this container and begin to love yourself more. It is time to soften and step into our power.

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Join for $997 PIF
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