When you understand the Universe in which we live as holographic then we see that all patterns within space-time are linked through a vast hyper-dimensional matrix in which every atom, molecule, planet, star, organism that make up this Cosmos is a part of the whole.

It is not that one influences the other but one is literally entangled with the other at a quantum level.

As we come into this New Age of Humanity where our Left and Right hemispheres of our brains in coming into balance, as a result a new kind of thinking is emerging. It is not really thinking at all, but a knowing. When you simply know something to be true right to the core of your being. This kind of intuitive knowing becomes stronger and more consistent as your life becomes more harmonious.

What is occurring is that you are tapping into a fundamental holographic pattern found through out the Universe. The same geometry found in your genes is also in vast, wheeling galaxies. As the Great Change moves through your DNA, it begins to realign every aspect of your life, bringing you gradually into harmony with these omnipresent universal patterns.

The 64 Gene Keys herald this new approach to Truth, since they are the core archetypes found in every conceivable aspect of our Universe. The 64-bit matrix is integral to physics, biology, music, geometry, architecture, computer programming and most fields of human research and endeavors. They form the foundational tetrahedral structure underlying space-time itself. It is no wonder that they contrinue to be discovered at the core of all natural systems. Our very DNA is based on this same 64-fold geometry, making us a holographic microcosm of the entire Cosmos.

One of the best-known grid of this 64 fold geometry is the Chinese I Ching - the Book of Changes. Generations of sages and lay people have used the I Ching as an ocular tool to help them make clear decisions in harmony with nature. It provides an extensive digital map of the energetic dynamics within all living systems. This is especially fascinating because of the mathematic similarity to the genetic code. This precise mathematical correlation between the I Ching and the genetic code allows us to create a new holistic language that resonate within the living cells of your body. Essentially a language that directly talk to your DNA. The Gene Key is a genetic download that is specifically designed to penetrate the building blocks of your everyday reality - your DNA

The Gene Keys process is about you giving yourself freedom, and this freedom begins in your imagination. You have to open yourself up to the highest possibilities of your own nature.

(Rudd, Richard.The Gene Keys. Gene Keys Publishing, 2015 Ed)

As you recognize yourself to be a part of a higher evolution, your life’s work and inner purpose come into alignment. You are part of the grand awakening. You are a DNA molecule within the body of humanity and you are fully awake with the only role in beginning to program all cells around you with the new higher frequencies. As you start to embody the transmission of awakening, you will find your own voice and you will adapt your language for those who are drawn to your radiance. You will realize that it is not the language that matters - it is the frequency of he message and the messenger.

Embodiment is rooted in relaxation fulfilled by the art of contemplation. Gene Keys is a living transmission rather than another information system. Therefore they will only yield their secrets to a relaxed and contemplative attitude.

As you begin to enter this new language of Gene Keys you will be traveling through a world of vibrations. All life is simply vibrations and your DNA creates your life based upon the frequency of vibrations received. Fear generates a low frequency energy field, whereas love generates a high frequency energy field. Different frequency bands activate different codes within your DNA. For example your body contains a code that when unlocked will manifest a feeling of peacefulness so profouond it will acutally silence thorughts passing through your mind However your genes can only create this state when you send extremely high frequency energy to your cells. This is why such higher states are referred to as being hidden in your DNA. They are hidden by lower frequencies, known as Shadow frequencies.

The real work of the Gene Keys is to give you an inner language that allows you to face the unconscious fears at work inside you. Just by being born, you have inherited some ancestral memories and fears that actually have no root in your current lifetime. They come from the collective Gene Pool. When you work with the Shadow frequencies within the Gene Keys, you are working with the real physiological fears lodged deep in your unconscious, as well as the collective unconscious.

Every shadow contains a Gift. This is the heart of the transmission of the Gene Keys. It is one of the amazing twists woven into the human story. That our suffering contains the seed of our eventual transcendence. When you accept and embrace your Shadows, they suddenly reveal their true nature and a new creative impulse is released through you. As your Shadows reveal your hidden Gifts, the whole tempo of your life changes. Your blood chemistry changes, your biorhythms change, your mood stabilizes, your eating patterns shift, and your general attitude to life becomes uplifting and optimistic.

Gene Keys is a DNA light language to help transcend the Shadow frequencies into higher Gift and Light frequencies within our own DNA and the collective Gene Pool of Humanity.

We must remember that the shadows are simply shadows and every one contains a gift. When you change your attitude you will see that all shadows are cast by the same light. This is a journey of self forgiveness, being compassionate first and foremost to yourself.

As you forgive yourself, the shadows, you will be giving yourself a gift - the 64 gifts. And inside every one of the Gene Keys lies a key to unlock the higher purpose hidden in your DNA.

(Rudd, Richard.The Gene Keys. Gene Keys Publishing, 2015 Ed)


Every human is born with a unique sacred geometry embedded deep within their being. This geometry can be plotted through the precise timing and placement of your birth. This same structure is holographically encoded in your DNA, forming a distinct profile of genetic patterns and digital sequences each relating to an aspect of your life. This Holographic Profile is the original blueprint that tells you who you are, how you operate and above all why you are here.

Your Hologenetic Profile is a personalized map of the various genetic sequences that will unlock or awaken different aspect of your genius, life purpose, your relationship patterns, your financial prosperity, your family dynamics, your developmental cycle as a child, your health, and healing and your spiritual awakening.     

There are 3 paths that make up your Hologenetic Profile, the Activation Sequence, the Venus Sequence, and the Pearl Sequence. The Activation Sequence holds your 4 prime gifts (your life's work, evolution, radiance, and purpose) and is all about activating your Genius made up of your 4 prime gifts and anchoring your Genius into your physical body. The Venus Sequence is all about the navigating the emotional realm, transforming through relationships, and the path to opening our hearts fully to universal love. The Pearl Sequence is about clarifying the vision of the mental plane which unfolds naturally when you begin to relate clearly and cleanly with others. These codes of your higher purpose attract new opportunities. Encoding how you are best designed to serve the whole and how your unique talents can be best used to ensure true prosperity at all levels.

(Rudd, Richard.The Gene Keys. Gene Keys Publishing, 2015 Ed)

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