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let's journey together 

You're invited to a very sacred energetic activation & energy initiation.

There is something so magical and powerful when the collective comes together to process, change, evolve and transform. Healing is amplified by the number of people who come together. And change is allowed to happen on a deep cellular and genetic level from the power of the collective.

Join Mason, Momo, Jenn and Samantha in receiving energy elixirs to accelerate your ascension process.

So excited to connect and create magic together!

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what is in a collective soulit session


Tuning into the Morphogenic Field

Collective Soulit Session will be done through LIVE ZOOM calls. Sessions can be done at a distance through the Morphogenic Field. Through the knowing of Oneness and Heart Coherence, all energy fields are created from the same life force energy. This same life force energy connects us and allows us to generate positive healing through the collective energy matrix that runs through all of creation.

Deep Energetic Healing

Using focused and blended modalities of BodyTalk, Accunect, Theta Healing, Karuna Reiki, Light Code Activation, DNA Repair, DNA Activation and Soul Sound Light Therapy, we'll be supporting your support in full embodiment and integration of mind, body, soul and all of your light bodies. Each session will have a unique focus.

Journaling Integration Worksheet

Journaling is one of the most powerful tools that you have access to in your self development journey. We'll be providing journal prompts to support you in solidifying and integrating the changes from the Soulit Session. This will be available to you as a downloadable pdf worksheet.

The Power of Numbers

Like the roots of trees in a forest, we are all interconnected. Our energies are interwoven and create the stream of light that connects all of us. When we take time to gather and co-create new leading edge energy, something new is created. New ideas, new birthing, new energy. 

There are aspects that cannot be healed in 1:1 sessions that can easily be transformed and addressed through the power of group healing and group energy activations.

The healing energy is amplified and accelerated by the number of people that consciously gather to form sacred connection.

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10% of your Love Share goes directly to Charity:Water ( to bring clean drinking water to all of the magical beings on the planet.

*** price is per session ***

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