What is MY Role?

To all the Light beings of this planet,


As we stand together in the midst of this Global Transformation,

a powerful question that I've been asking myself is…


What is MY Role?


How do I contribute to the issues being highlighted?

How do I contribute to the solutions being highlighted?

How have I been showing up for humanity before?

How am I going to show up for humanity now?

What is my role?


Each and every one of us have a role (embedded within our Soul Blueprint) within this Great Change we are witnessing. 


A part of my Gene Keys (A hologenetic profile of your Soul) is the 44th Gene Key - all about the specific slice of suffering I chose to undertake within my lifetime and healing them through my relationships with those who is a part of the story of this slice of suffering.

A part of my personal transformational path within this Gene Key is moving through the Shadow frequencies of “Interference” through the Gift of...

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