Embodying the Expansion Queen


"Grace is love in motion"

Embracing all aspects of yourself is a practice of grace. This means no matter  where you are at and what you are facing, that love flows into it, and through this cultivation you expand.  

The authenticity of who you are is allowing your self to be present with, hear and tune into your body, and your guidance system of creative imagination calling you to expand in the process of becoming.

Our life-force is not meant to just be spent on revolving around work and "getting" somewhere.  We are in a whole global energetic upgrade, where all the old rules of what success and expansion has looked like is now unknown.  Versus the pressure of the mind to "make" things happen, this is a potent time to allow the flow of the Universe to seed through your desires and open new portals and realms in your life.

When you allow yourself to desire what you actually want, the Cosmos lines up to respond. Allowing yourself to be seen through the...

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Why Changing Your Thoughts Change Everything In Your Life

emotions energy mindset Feb 19, 2020

Your thoughts are the magnets in your mind that attract your world and your reality.

Your thoughts are what gives the energy and the Universe around you instructions on what to bring to you.

Your thoughts are the particles of light and energy that direct the flow of emotions in your body.

Your thoughts + your emotions are the energy field that creates your reality.

So let’s break it down even more.

Let’s say you have a thought that this thing is wrong or bad, for instance let’s use the example of ‘You’re ready to charge more for your work.” If you have a program inside that says charging a lot is ‘bad’, then you’ll never make the decision to charge more and your reality can’t shift or change.

If you have the belief that creating a business is hard, serious, too much work, too much responsibility, then you’ll never make the decision to create a really fun, light, comfortable and easy business. Your thoughts are...

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