Self Sourcing: how to step into your power and create mindfully



"Your life is your magic wand" 


Self Sourcing is about being tuned in & guided by your Inner BEing. 

It is the connection to the Expansive/Divine Source within you, that you can access at any time, so instead of measuring things such as our worth, value or decisions based on outside sources, it leads you back to unconditional love and alignment with the truth of your right to thrive. 

Self Sourcing is a reminder to

Tune into... 

trusting the unknown, no matter what is happening in your life,

you're the one guiding your energy

Having enough forgiveness and grace for yourself, that even when you forget- it draws you back into alignment. 


It is

Sovereignty over the self

that takes your energy chords and power back and gives people back theirs

Operating from a place of interdependence instead of co-dependence

So when co-creations happen it opens doorways to new possibilities


When this happens the inner being can be tuned...

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Connecting with Your Soul Guides

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2020
Each of us comes into the planet with incredible Soul Guides.
These guides may be Angels, Buddhas, Fairies, Gnomes, Star Beings from other planets and Galaxies.
It's actually very natural for you to want to and crave connecting with these Star Beings... because they are an extension of you.
A lot of 'unknown' depression in our society, is actually created from this disconnection of their true self.
Imagine if you couldn't touch your arm or your toes your entire lifetime! Pretty frustrating.
We are meant to connect to all of the planets and the galaxies because these energies are extensions of ourselves.
We are designed to connect with all of the Star Beings that have perhaps evolved into higher realms than us, because they are other aspects of ourselves.
We feel pleasure when we tune in and connect.
Just like you feel pleasure when you call a good friend or a family member that you love, it's the same feeling you get...
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Start with the Desire and Work Backwards

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2020

The reason why you want the thing is so that you can have a feeling. The roadmap to get the thing though, is to get to the feeling first, and to stay in the feeling for no reason at all.


The feeling is the vibe that sends the signals to the Universe to bring that thing or experience into your reality.


The magic about being in the feeling first is that when you are feeling really really good in your body, you are connected to the Cosmos. There is an internal decision that you are connected to the Life Force of All That Is. And when you are tuned into this magic, this is where the flow state is.


This is why ‘actualizing your business, getting the thing’ all of this is a Spiritual Practice because it’s really a practice of Oneness. It’s a reminder that between you and all of Creation, there is no separation.


If there is something in your world that you want that you aren’t manifesting, you wanna look at the Defense...

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The deepest form of Self Love

self love Mar 03, 2020


The deepest form of Self Love

is when you no longer judge 

the parts of you that shows up in others. 


Judgement comes from believing one is better than another


A form of separation.

Separating yourself from another


When actually separation is just an illusion

We are all made of the same material

We all come from the same ocean of consciousness


Everyone in your life is merely a reflection of you

Like a mirror so you can see all of you


Energetically speaking,

they literally wouldn't be in your life if 

something in them wasn't vibrating in you

(Law of Attraction 101)


So by judging something or someone

we are actually judging a part of ourselves 

that's being reflected back to us


we are shitting on a part of ourselves 

that doesn't feel like they deserve to be loved


Literally depriving ourselves of love

Not allowing in the love to that parts of ourselves

that needs/wants to be loved the most.


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Maintain the Vibe to Maintain the Vibe, not to ‘get’ the thing

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2020


When you realize that you are actualizing and creating everything in your world, this gets to be really fun. How can you find ways to “Maintain the Vibe to Maintain the Vibe to Maintain the Vibe.” That’s it! What do you need to do to feel really soul good in your body and soul happy?

How can you create the feelings and the emotions in your body of already having the thing you Desire and how can you milk it and feel it even more?

When you cultivate this level of joy, when anything that comes into your world you just feel pure magic flowing through your cells for no reason at all, then you are connected to All That Is. You realize that Cosmos wants to play, Cosmos wants to create more, Cosmos wants to expand so when you create more, do more, expand more, feel more, experience more… you’re in alignment with the Forces of Creation.

That’s why it feels so good.

This is why your Desires are so Big. They are gifted to you from the Heavens. The...

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Your one and only Soul Signature Frequency

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2020

WHO you are


WHY you are here


Is encoded in your Soul Signature Frequency


This Soul Signature Frequency vibrates out into the Cosmos

Attracts & Materializes into your physical reality


This fine tuned Frequency gets distorted from 

wounds, misinterpreted experiences, and ancestral/societal programming 

Learned in the process of separating from the cosmos 

(aka learning how to be Human)


Our Job is to…

  1. REDISCOVER our Soul Signature Frequency,
  2. Clean and Clear all the distortions 
  3. Radiate our Pure Soul Signature Frequency out into the world
  4. Attract/Create a physical reality truly aligned to this Soul Frequency


By Allowing our True Soul Frequency be Seen, Felt, and Rippled out into the world

We awaken those that are ready to embody their Light.


And just like that you’re now a part of the greatest movement of lighting up the world.


Simply by igniting your own Soul.


Best. Job. EVER!!! 


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Why Changing Your Thoughts Change Everything In Your Life

emotions energy mindset Feb 19, 2020

Your thoughts are the magnets in your mind that attract your world and your reality.

Your thoughts are what gives the energy and the Universe around you instructions on what to bring to you.

Your thoughts are the particles of light and energy that direct the flow of emotions in your body.

Your thoughts + your emotions are the energy field that creates your reality.

So let’s break it down even more.

Let’s say you have a thought that this thing is wrong or bad, for instance let’s use the example of ‘You’re ready to charge more for your work.” If you have a program inside that says charging a lot is ‘bad’, then you’ll never make the decision to charge more and your reality can’t shift or change.

If you have the belief that creating a business is hard, serious, too much work, too much responsibility, then you’ll never make the decision to create a really fun, light, comfortable and easy business. Your thoughts are...

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What if you could have fun in every area of your life, and it was just a mindset shift away?


We live in such an exciting world. We get to question ourselves and re-define everything that we’ve experienced and created in our life. And we live in such a free time where we have powerful tools that can support us in shifting and transforming our lives in such powerful ways.

When we truly understand that everything is energy, we see that everything in the world is made of the same material, and if that is true, then that means we can have whatever we want and feel however we want to feel. Our brain is like the navigation system to our new Universe, so when we don’t train the navigation system, our creations show up all across the board.

This is why Mindset Shift is so so soul powerful.

Have you taken time to break down every area in your world that is creating stress?

For instance, if you see your Business as being Hard and serious or if you see money as being difficult, hard or serious, then that is what you have to attract in your world.

How can you find...

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The Magic of this EXACT Moment

No matter where you are in your healing journey... you are exactly where you are meant to be. There is no wrong place, no need to compare yourself to where you think you should or shouldn't be, or who you are or are not.  Right now is where the alchemy is happening.

This exact moment is the portal between two worlds of what has been and what is becoming.. 

 A truly magical moment.

This is the magic that’s not always obvious... it’s not seen unless you with intention take the time to drop into it.  Because even a deep sigh from exhaustion whispers to connect into the body to look.

And sometimes looking into where we are in the moment can seem and feel scary, as so much of the way we’ve seen or see ourself runs first through the filters of our experiences. These summations of ourself may seem to be black & white and linear (the having or not having, the being or not being, where we’ve been vs where we want to be).

Yet the...

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Your Thoughts are Like Tiny Magnets

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

The thoughts in our minds are like tiny magnets...

When I first heard this in "Think and Grow Rich", the audible book, a spark of light shot throughout my body. It's like I already knew this, but having it put into these exact words, awakened a whole new layer of meaning for me. And to have something that was written in 1937 to have this much clarity, was mind blowing for me.

We have all heard about "The Law of Attraction" and we know that our thoughts create things... but when you realize that even the tiniest thoughts we have create little energy force fields, a whole new layer of power unfolds.

Simply being human beings, we are truly so much more powerful than we will ever know or ever give ourselves credit for... each of us are like unique batteries and energize and power up specific worlds. We each have our own unique world to live in, and often times we give energy to and power up the exact things that we do not want. This is the trickiest part of the game and they'll be...

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