Your Thoughts are Like Tiny Magnets

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

The thoughts in our minds are like tiny magnets...

When I first heard this in "Think and Grow Rich", the audible book, a spark of light shot throughout my body. It's like I already knew this, but having it put into these exact words, awakened a whole new layer of meaning for me. And to have something that was written in 1937 to have this much clarity, was mind blowing for me.

We have all heard about "The Law of Attraction" and we know that our thoughts create things... but when you realize that even the tiniest thoughts we have create little energy force fields, a whole new layer of power unfolds.

Simply being human beings, we are truly so much more powerful than we will ever know or ever give ourselves credit for... each of us are like unique batteries and energize and power up specific worlds. We each have our own unique world to live in, and often times we give energy to and power up the exact things that we do not want. This is the trickiest part of the game and they'll be breaking down and solving here.

What happens when we let our minds wander, in the opposite direction of what we truly want to create?

We so often allow our minds to be filled with thoughts of exactly what we don’t want... things we don’t want... ways we don’t want to feel... excessive worries... playing out worst case scenarios... and possible fears that barely ever happen...we think it's 'okay' or 'natural' to entertain these thoughts. We don't realize that we are in that moment, giving our energy and power away to exactly what we don't want. By even thinking about them or entertaining the idea, we are already creating a magnet in our minds to pull this into our reality. We're not actually keeping ourselves safe, we are actually creating blocks to our own flow.

What if we were to take time to weed out our chaotic thoughts and energize only the most beautiful and incredible thoughts?

We weren't taught to and rarely take the opportunity to weed our minds of thoughts that are no longer necessary for our current world and reality. Some of us are even still taking on thoughts passed down to us from our grandparents or even their parents. Instead of powerfully thinking for ourselves, we have opened ourselves to thoughts of the others around us.

What if we took time to redirect the energy and the momentum of our thoughts?

If we took the same amount of energy we use to 'complain' or 'play out worst case scenario' .... and if we consciously shift our perspective just a little bit...

If we took the energy behind all of that momentum and we shift it to talking about how incredible everything is (not lieing or faking... but truly focusing on the things that do feel amazing in your world) even if all that is is a cozy blue blanket... whatever you have access to... an incredible blue sky...

When we persistently talk about health... envision everyone around us as wealthy.... see everyone around us as strong and empowered.... hold space that magic is always with us in our every day life...

What kind of world will we be in? When we all decide to use our psychic energy to create wholeness, harmony, beauty and wonder?

Our minds are the radio stations that give us direct access to Source Energy....

What we think about we bring about...

Because the Cosmos loves us soul much... the Cosmos doesn’t differentiate between a positive or negative thought... we broadcast it in our minds... and Cosmos is like I’m on it!

Try this Soulit Assignment:

1.) When you cannot but think about everything you do not want, write it all out on a list. List out every single thing that you do not want. Observe this list. Write out the exact opposite and begin to focus on what it is that you do want to create. Try this for one week and see what unfolds in your world.

2.) Keep a notebook of Soulit Thoughts. Write down every single thing in your world that makes you light up on the inside...even if it is small. Begin to train your mind to focus on all of the blessings and the gifts in your world. Keep speaking about them and calling them in.

3.) Play around with this idea. Any relationship that you are having difficulties in, begin to write a new story. Write about how wonderful this connection is and how you are always vibing and on the same page. Write it in detail until you are feeling it. See what happens in your world after practicing this simple step for one week.

So what can you do today.... to consciously cultivate and create more love, more joy, more incredible feelings in your body?

What can you do today to perceive and to see the gifts in your world rather than focusing on what is not there?

What can you do today to create unwavering thoughts that that thing you want, that relationship, that wealth, that house, that car, that that that.... whatever “that” is.... what if you decided to have so much faith that you feel it right now... before it even enters your world... because that is the level of trust that you are choosing to play at....

Your thoughts are like tiny magnets.....

what will you choose to think about and put energy towards?

xoxo 💖💖💖💛💫🧜🏻‍♀️


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