You feel amazing when you Embrace Your Ascension Process

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2019

Being on your Ascension Process is one of the most magical journeys that you can be on!

And why is it so important at this time?

Some of us are feeling intense pressures as the energy is awakening within us and on the planet.. others are embracing the pressure and growth energy pulsing through us.. how can we ride the waves instead of suppress the power ready to awaken within?

there are energy lines that flow through you and everyone else in the world.. these energy lines also flow and weave into the Earth as well as the rest of the planets...

when we have heavy or dense unprocessed emotions.. this energy slows down the speed at which light can flow through the energy fields between each other and all of the spaces...this process can feel very uncomfortable as new light energy is wanting to pulse through your system and old energies are needing a way to be flushed out...

as we each individually do our work to awaken... the speed at which the light, energy and information can flow between the energy chords that flow between all of us will speed up...

at this time.. everything becomes more easy, more flexible.. and our manifestation time becomes much faster... however... when are first starting out on our journey, it can feel very uncomfortable as layers of old energy, old personality masks, and old programs are falling away and purging from our systems...

what are things that we can do to speed up this process?

* look into people's eyes more often... this is one of the fastest ways for our souls to see each other and to connect

* receive Soulit Sessions, BodyTalk, Reiki, Accunect, acupuncture, massage, Bowen Therapy, Rolfing or any other type of energy healing modality to prepare and support your body to be able to hold more light energy...

* journal, meditate, do your crazy mantras and meditations all day...

once we reach a tipping point of how light all of us become.... more light will flow through all of the people.. and this light will touch the Earth... and the ascension process can happen that much faster.. 

glimmers of how you will know that you are already on the ascension process:

* a ton of things happen in one day.. it feels like a dream.. how could this much awesome stuff happen in one day?

* you often get really good idea..everything that felt like a struggle before.. it's like you are popping up with your own solutions internally.. there's just this exciting knowing...

* people from your past start to come back.. it's almost like the energy is so healed.. that there's not blocks between you and that person...

* it's easy to feel intimacy + joy all day long...

* colors tend to be brighter.. you feel like the world is pulsating around you

* your body naturally becomes healthier and more vibrant

and the list goes on... would love to hear some of your ascension experiences.. 

let's lighten up the United States energy Matrix... people that have traveled a lot know what I mean... I think.. everything happens so much faster in some of the more spiritual cultures.. let's bring that here.. 


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