What You Are Manifesting.. Is Manifesting You Too!

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2019

The easiest... and hardest part of manifesting?

It's already all there. We aren't made to create abundance, we only have to allow it in. Abundance isn't something that has to be made, manipulated or transformed. It is everything and constantly waiting for you to finally say yes!

Ah, I remember the moment that I finally allowed that to sink in fully. You know what I instantly felt? Relief. All the energy that was being held up in shoulders, all the stress that was stuck within my body seemed to shift suddenly.

I didn't have to create abundance? It wasn't my sole responsibility? Man, it was a major shift for me.

Do you know what is the funniest part of that whole scenario is? The moment  I relaxed into the truth, I was instantly in receiving mode.

I wasn't trying to control and create what was already there for me, I just allowed myself to bring it in. I wasn't constantly worried about how or when, because I finally figured out the missing link in my manifestations.

So often, we are so caught up in the fact that what we want isn't here right now, that we are missing all of the magic along the way. All the little signs of alignment, all the brilliant synchronicities that are surrounding us, all the encouragement that the Universe is giving us the entire journey to the actualization of whatever we are desiring it.

Those little moments, that is what we are truly searching for. So often we are blinding ourselves with disappointment rather than seeing all the miracles that are leading the way.

What would your life look like if you decided to focus on the in between moments of manifesting rather than the lack of it not being here right now?  Can you imagine how much more love, joy, presence and contentment would surround you everyday?

The best part? That's how you manifest even quicker!

We all are so beautifully powerful. We are all gifted, brilliant and bright. We are Cosmic Beings here experiencing such beautiful timelines and somehow we have forgotten that. We get to choose, every single day to show up in bigger and brighter ways. You are extremely worthy of all of the abundance that you are searching for.

The best part of manifesting?

What you are actively manifesting is wanting you too! It's waiting for you just as diligently. All the clients you are attracting into your life? They are all waiting for their soul mate coach. The Universe is plentiful and rich, and so are you.

So the question is,

Are you ready to allow it in?

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