What is MY Role?

To all the Light beings of this planet,


As we stand together in the midst of this Global Transformation,

a powerful question that I've been asking myself is…


What is MY Role?


How do I contribute to the issues being highlighted?

How do I contribute to the solutions being highlighted?

How have I been showing up for humanity before?

How am I going to show up for humanity now?

What is my role?


Each and every one of us have a role (embedded within our Soul Blueprint) within this Great Change we are witnessing. 


A part of my Gene Keys (A hologenetic profile of your Soul) is the 44th Gene Key - all about the specific slice of suffering I chose to undertake within my lifetime and healing them through my relationships with those who is a part of the story of this slice of suffering.

A part of my personal transformational path within this Gene Key is moving through the Shadow frequencies of “Interference” through the Gift of “Teamwork” into the Light frequency of “Synarchy”.


Moving from the frequency of Interference (an internal battle of opposing against the truest essence of you (love) that causes interferences to manifest within our relationships with others)


the frequency of Synarchy, where we all lead together as one Symphony by becoming aware of the super conductor (Creator of All that Is) within every single individual being which makes up the whole.


The Dilemma of the Shadow frequency of this Gene Key is Hierarchy, the theme of all of human history, of our evolution as a species.

We are seeing this being highlighted globally with the Civil unrest spreading like wild fire due to the discrimination of those being perceived as “less than” within the hierarchy, the hierarchy created from the root vibration of FEAR.


The only difference between Hierarchy and Synarchy is P E R C E P T I O N.


Perception is simply where we place our awareness.

Hierarchy is the manifestation of awareness rooted in survival (fear).

Synarchy is the manifestation of awareness rooted in the highest harmony (love).


Synarchy within this period of The Great Change is the collective genetic instrument in which communal awareness will begin it's breakthrough into humanity.


My Role as a holder of the 44th Gene Key is:

to be that threshold for the breakthrough.


to be a part of establishing the physical manifestations in the systems that will allow more and more members of the Synarchy to come and join it's living quantum field.


So I'd like to leave you with this to contemplate,

What is YOUR Role during this Global Transformation?




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