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Hi Love Light


We so often hear the word VIBE, but what does this actually mean and how can VIBE FORWARD LIVING be a huge key ingredient for you to activate your next level personal + business + relationship success?


Your Aura, VIBE and Energy speaks to a crowd before you ever even say a word.


Our body is communicating with us every single day and it teaches us how to tend to our VIBE. It guides us and let's us know, where are we placing our focus, attention and awareness today? Are our actions and decisions powering up our energy field or are we doing things that drop and collapse our power?


When we listen to the tiniest subtle signals from our body, we begin to realize it is giving us the exact instructions we are craving to access happiness, success, the flow state, and all of those yummy bliss chemistry activating VIBES.


When we truly take time to listen to our bodies, we give our Spirit a safe space to merge with our physical vehicle. It's the merging of Body + Spirit that gives off the most powerful VIBE.


There is a light that our current science isn't sensitive enough to measure yet. However, there is a fast flowing frequency of energy and light that runs and pulses through your body. There are different colors, shades, sound currents and frequencies of this light that are emitted to you from the Cosmos all the time. As you increase your capacity to hold this light, your LIGHT QUOTIENT increases.


As you continue on your awakening journey, your light quotient will be increasing and you will feel that things manifest and happen faster for you, change happens more quickly and more easily. You'll simply find that things are in the flow more often of the time and synchronicities begin to speed up. This light from the Cosmos and your Spirit that merges with your body, is all part of what creates YOUR VIBE.


When you listen to your body, you nap when you feel like napping. You eat when you feel like eating. You stop eating when you feel satiated. You go to spaces that make you feel good. You leave spaces that don't make you feel good. You reach out to friends, family and clients when you feel the inner sparkle. You operate from your internal body's wisdom and authenticity. And there is as certain level of surrender that happens where you allow your wave to carry you throughout the day. You let the Universe take care of you. And you TRUST.


The Vibe Forward is... Let Your Energy Speak for your First. Take such incredible care of your energy and your light, that you become the MAGNET to all that you desire.


Tips to tend to your VIBE:

♡ Take a salt bath. This cleanses and clears your aura.

♡ Meditate. This washes away other people's thoughts + energies. It gives you space to feel your own energy and bring your Spirit back into your body.

♡ Visualize Rainbow Light Fire all over your body and your space. This clears away foreign energies.

♡ Ground your Grounding chord into the center of the Earth. This connects you to the power and the energy of the Earth to support you.

♡ Ask your Angels and Guides to support you.

♡ When you wake up in the morning, do something you LOVE. Write and journal and set the intention for the day. Take a walk. Do what makes you feel good so that the entire day can ride on this yummy energy you just created.

♡ Write down all the things you want to create the following day before you go to bed. This gives your liver time to generate energy to support your following day.


Your VIBE, your aura, your energy is your most valuable asset. Taking care of your energy field will always be the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the people around you. We'd love to hear what changes have happened in your world when you take on these practices.


Samantha + the Soulit Sisters ♡


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