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Learning to be a powerful receiver can support you in so many ways in your world.

Think about the times when you received things that were 'almost' what you wanted, but not quite. Those are times when we haven't been crystal clear with ourselves, the Universe and the people around us about what we truly actually want.

Sometimes, we are so afraid to even actually ask for what we want, that there is a perpetual disconnect that is being created. We keep asking for what we 'kind of' want, and there's not enough energy or power behind the desire. This is why we need to get crystal clear about what we want so that the Universe can truly deliver.

so go ahead.. be brave.. ask for EXACTLY what you want...


I bet that there are some days when you feel like you are on top of the world and the Queen or King of manifesting, and then other days you are like.. what gives?

So let's talk about those difficult to manifest and hard to receive moments. Sometimes, we are just about to up-level or enter into a new world bracket...stepping into the unknown. Perhaps you're about to receive more income than you've ever received, or you just started dating the incredible man or woman that you have been day dreaming about for years, or you're transitioning your business from 1:1 clients to the online world so that you have more free time.

All of these incredible changes take energy and momentum, and sometimes it takes some time for your body and energy field to adjust to these new changes.

The key here is to teach your brain, your body AND your energy field, how to be open to receive in new ways!

Brain. Body. + Energy Field Exercises to receive magical wealth:

Wealth is an easy one to talk about because it's tangible. You can use this exercise for anything that you want to receive in your life, just change the ideas around to what you're wanting to receive.

Teaching the BRAIN to Receive: Visualize

Imagine money energy flowing in in ways that you didn't think of before. If you always only had in person clients find you or referrals, then practice visualizing your clients coming in through facebook or instagram. Literally imagine a whole conversation of how someone is booking with you online. If you always only had clients come in through Yelp or LinkedIn or some specific platform, begin visualizing them coming in through different portals. Perhaps they come in when you are at a dinner party or you are getting referrals left and right. When you visualize it, you send signals to your brain that this process is safe. Get as detailed as you possibly can in your visualization.

You may even want to have a friend pretend to be a client and book with you online through facebook. Keep practicing until these new neuropathways are formed and it feels safe for your brain.

Teaching the BODY to Receive: Feel it and create the situation as best you can and be in it.

Let's say you are manifesting an extra $10,000 and you know for sure you want to use $2000 of it for new clothes or a down payment on a new car. Go to the car dealership and test drive the car if that's what you want. Or go to the store and pick out the clothes you have been wanting. Get your body to play out the situation and act out the situation as much as you can.

Let's say you are manifesting a girl or a guy, talk to someone that is a friend that perhaps you're not trying to date, but there are some good feelings there. Talk to this person on the phone often, hang out often until these feelings feel really normal for you. Practice as close as you possibly can the situation that you are wanting to manifest and receive.

Teach the ENERGY FIELD to Receive: Tap on your meridians

First google Meridians + Chakras so that you know where these powerful energy centers are. When you are teaching your brain through visualizing or you are teaching your body by taking it to new places, notice areas of your body that feel 'subtly' stuck. This means, it doesn't need to feel like pain, it can literally feel like a slowing down of energy, a discomfort, a block. Whenever you identify an area of your body that doesn't feel comfortable with this new change, tap on the area of the body. If it's too complicated to look at the meridian system or the chakra system, simply tap on the areas of the body that feel like there is not enough flow. Keep tapping until it feels like the energy has cleared, and a new portal of energy and flow has opened up.


the number one key to receiving is your why.. and I know that you have heard this a million times, but your WHY is the powerful driving force and energy behind the receiving.

So let's break this down.

Let's say you are asking for an extra $5,000 this week (or insert what you want to manifest here).

Why are you asking for this extra amount this week?

What will that energy be used for? Let the Universe KNOW where that energy will flow to and what it will be used to create.

How will you FEEL when you receive this additional amount of income? (this is key)

How can you BE STRONG and consistently CHOOSE to create this feeling within yourself for as long as possible and as often as possible?

When the distracting thoughts come in, what will you do to make sure you stay at the level of feeling that you want to consistently be at? Will you call a friend? Will you stop and listen to a Soulit Hub Video if you're in the Soulit Membership? Will you talk to your coach or mentor? What will you do to immediately weed out the other types of energy and get yourself back on the wavelength of what you truly want to receive?

What thoughts generate the types of feelings and emotions that you need to receive what you are asking for? How can you remind yourself to have these thoughts more often?

Remember, thoughts are energy, feelings are energy. Energy creates momentum.


Cultivate the feelings that you identified that you will feel when you receive the 'thing', as often as possible. Make this your game, your workout, your focus. Feel this. Generate this feeling. This feeling will uplift you, raise your energy vibration and quantum leap you into the time space reality where the thing that you want to receive is so easy and right there waiting for you.

Have you ever had a time when you were having a really really good time with your friend, or you went on vacation somewhere and just had so much fun. When you stopped to pay attention, you realized that everything was going really really well for you. This is the energy that we want you to cultivate! The more you practice cultivating this energy, the more you are staying ahead of the momentum!

Consistency is so key in this game. Feeling really good in your body takes a lot of energy and it's truly a decision. This is your moment, and you get to decide. How do you want to feel? What do you want to receive? What do you want to create?

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We love you!


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