How to stay in Alignment with Your own energy


Staying in Alignment with Your own Energy

"In order to live a rich life, everything about who you are must be one, in alignment, and in pure harmony" 

-Suze Orman

Our auric/energy fields are constantly exchanging energy.  Knowing yourself and having healthy energetic boundaries help you get aligned with your energetic standard.

It's important to create the energetic, physical and emotional space to digest and clear out your space. Carving out time whether it is 30 seconds, 5 minutes or more can help to restore your energetic field so you can build the discernment of what is yours and what is not.

When you take the time to tune in with the frequency of your own personal truth, you build the relationship to your energetic well being and frequency of alignment.  Our relationships mirror different chords or aspects of where we might need to look at and address, and by taking the time to sit with these can begin to break down the charges associated with them. In turn, our the frequencies around our relationships and around others can begin to mirror this back.

When you take time to fully fill up your own cup and nourish your energy field, everything that you vibe into your world is that much more aligned to who you truly are. We're so excited to see you awaken even deeper layers of your own personal power.

Here are some fun tools for you to play with:

Soulit Magic Ritual #1: Take time daily to fulfill one of the core human needs ~ Alone Time. Carve out an hour or 5-15 minute increments throughout the day of purely YOU time. This is where you check in with yourself to do exactly what you want to do. Let yourself be totally free so that you can come back to your own rhythm. From an energy perspective, being in your own space gives your aura space to release anything that is not you as well as allows you to generate more of your own energy. 

Soulit Magic Ritual #2: Create a fun Aura Clearing Spray, use essential oils or flower essences to bring up your vibe. When you're feeling that your energy feels sticky or murky, an easy solution is to simply clear your aura with aura spray.

Flower Essences and Essentials Oils are plant medicine created from the Earth to keep our vibrations high.

Essential Oils for Healthy Boundaries Guide:

Yarrow has been used for thousands of years specifically for Healthy Boundaries. This incredibly beautiful blue oil rubs into your skin right away, so don't worry about it turning your skin blue. Place a dab on the wrists, on the insides of the elbows, the insides of the knees, on your temples and other other parts of your body that you feel intuitively guided to. Once you place a few drops on your hands, you can also waft it around in your aura. Your aura extends to 3ft beyond your physical body so be sure to take care of your entire energy field.…

One of the most sacred and Spiritual oils, Frankincense can be used to activate and awaken many mysteries within yourself. This is also an incredible oil to place on your third eye (Brow Chakra) area to increase intuition and clear your mind. Frankincense keeps you strongly in your own energy frequency. You can dab this in several areas around the body as mentioned above in the Yarrow section, or you can use filtered water, add 10-15 drops of Frankincense in a glass spray bottle and spray over your aura.…

Black Spruce
This is an incredibly Grounding Vibration. It brings the Canadian Wilderness to your home. When you can't go to the forest, this oil is great to bring you back to the peace and the rooted sensation that you feel when you're in the forest. This oil is incredible for your lungs which is the consciousness of bringing inspiration and new ideas into your life. This is great to release any fatigue in your body. This can be diffused in your home or used in a glass spray bottle with filtered water.…


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