Now is the time to heal


Now is the time to heal

"Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality"

-Aster & Ricter Abend

As we move forward in our day to day lives,  it is now up to us to create the magic. We have an opportunity now to make joy an internal decision. The things that you have been wanting to do for yourself and that you have been putting on the back burner, gets to take front seat priority now. What is that one huge passionate thing that you have been day dreaming about doing? Go ahead, share your deep dark secret with yourself. Now is the time for you to be real, get raw, go deep and unravel the true you that has been aching to come forth and be seen.

That inner call can be quieted down no more. This is the time for you to get wild and set yourself FREE. Be as strong as you can, physically, mentally, emotionally. No longer are you on the side lines, watching these things happen on TV.. you get to decide and make your new reality real.

Take time to learn how to cook those new dishes, the foods that are appropriate for your new body. Take time to find the exercises that actually light you up. Learn the new language that you've been wanting to explore. Plan your dream vacation and imagine every single detail of this dream vacation coming to life. 

Re-write your story. Set yourself FREE. Who is it that you want to be now? Now who you used to want to be, but who do you want to be right now? This is the time. Now is the time for you to get crystal clear. What are your new decisions. What new timeline do you want to step into?

Take this moment as a time where you get to reboot your internal software. See is as you getting a second chance. Who are in your new movie, your new story? 

We love you and we support you in revealing to yourself the true you!


all the magic is inside of you,


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