Divorces can be much simpler when you Receive consistent Soulit sessions

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2019

Divorces can be a freeing and liberating experience when you have the right tools!

What is a Divorce matrix or old relationship matrix? And why would getting a Soulit session support someone moving through this...

Have you ever met someone that had a divorce maybe 3-5 years ago and they’re still talking about it... not just occasionally, but sometimes... it’s almost the first thing that they identify with?

This is when an old energy field hasn’t fully been processed or digested out of someone consciousness. Even though they are no longer living that reality... a lot of their energy field is still running old programs and living in an old reality.

Perhaps this person is working on dating a new person.... and while they are really wanting a relationship... part of their energy field says that "they are not available".

This is why having an energy medicine session can support.

A Soulit session supports your brain and body to look at the story... assess what there is left to learn from the experience.... and then your body is able to keep the learning and the experience.... digest out the old energy field.... and then all of that old energy can be freed up so that you’re able to create something brand new in the current moment 🙂

People live for years with something like this taking up space on their energy field... where just a couple of focused Soulit sessions can truly support someone with completely dissolving this energy out of their field so that they can be open to the new 🙂

Some things that feel really difficult can be super easy and simple from an energy medicine perspective....

I have a client that really wanted a divorce one time. She had secretly been praying for this for 3 years +. She knew that if she was the one to bring it up, it wouldn't be a pretty situation. After having several sessions around a dis-located rib, she finally shared that she was truly wanting a divorce and that she wanted her husband to be the one to initiate it.

After 6 sessions, her husband one day chatted with her and let her know that he'd really like a divorce. The entire process happened sweetly and he even supported her in moving into her new apartment. 

She had been so scared before because she knew that he would be so angry and upset if she was the one to initiate it. Having tried to bring it up a few times before, she knew that it wasn't not going to be a fun situation. With just a few Soulit Energy Medicine Sessions, the entire momentum and energy of the situation shifted. 

So excited that we live in a time where we have these powerful tools to support us with transforming the energetics!

Healing + Releasing is designed to be a joyous journey... xoxo


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