Connecting with Your Soul Guides

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2020
Each of us comes into the planet with incredible Soul Guides.
These guides may be Angels, Buddhas, Fairies, Gnomes, Star Beings from other planets and Galaxies.
It's actually very natural for you to want to and crave connecting with these Star Beings... because they are an extension of you.
A lot of 'unknown' depression in our society, is actually created from this disconnection of their true self.
Imagine if you couldn't touch your arm or your toes your entire lifetime! Pretty frustrating.
We are meant to connect to all of the planets and the galaxies because these energies are extensions of ourselves.
We are designed to connect with all of the Star Beings that have perhaps evolved into higher realms than us, because they are other aspects of ourselves.
We feel pleasure when we tune in and connect.
Just like you feel pleasure when you call a good friend or a family member that you love, it's the same feeling you get when you tune in and connect with one of your Soul Guides.
We are truly designed to be interconnected, receiving love, nourishment and support from the other realms.
Here is a fun Practice to Experience:
Step 1: Tune in. Connect with all of your guides each morning. This gives them access to bring to you the new wisdom codes of the day since we live in an ever evolving and expanding Universe. Journal and write out the ideas, breathe them into your being.
All of your Guides are your closest friends. You could actually feel closer to a lot of your guides than you are to people if you've had a spiritual practice for several lifetimes and your thought vibes match with your guides more.. so.. be open to this connection as when you get the hang of it, it will feel really comfortable and easy in your body.
Step 2: Once you fill up your cup with all of this powerful love, feel that your are pouring and extending love out to the Universe. Imagine every single person on the planet blessed with this love radiance.
Step 3: Take a moment to journal or type an email to yourself. See if your guides have any unique messages for you that day. 
Step 4: Envision your day going really really well. Ask all of your guides to guide the flow of your day in perfect harmony, Ask for clear signs, love and support all throughout your day.
Step 5: Be playful. Be in a high joyous vibe as you are connecting. This is what makes this connection soul powerful.
You are made from the same material as Stars. You have so much powerful magic living inside of you. I'd love for this practice to bring you even deeper joy and more incredible harmony and flow into your day.
All the love!

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