Are you Buying into Lack Programs or Tuning into Wealth Vibes?

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2020

This morning as I was journaling, I caught myself tapping back into some old lack programs. I realized that I was buying into the concept and the idea that "Right Now", may not change. I was making decisions based on what I had available to me right now in this moment, versus stretching myself to ask myself, "What are creative ways for me to get to where I want to go?"

When are times that you 'Buy into the idea of limitation' and make your choices from there?

When do your friends, family members encourage you to "Buy into lack and limitation"?

When you do you find yourself... trying to stretch, and the voices around you telling you that you 'can't'?

If you continue to make decisions right now based on what you have, you'll never be able to grow and expand into someone new, because your'e playing in the same realm. You're essentially deciding to play small. We hear this term all the time, but let's dive deeper into breaking down this concept. What does it mean to be playing small?

You have to remember that you are Divine Being. You are an extension of the Creator. All that exists is you and you are all that exists. Playing small means buying into your limitations and only creating from that space.

As you choose to stretch and expand, you may even find the voices around you coaxing you and asking you stay small. You'll see that they don't yet see you powerful enough to create your new reality. You may not even notice this is happening. 

Those people are essentially the old voices in your mind. Everything that is happening to you right now in current reality, is a collection of your past. So in order to think and be and do something new,  you have to be so brave to step into the Void. Which can be scary to go alone, but to venture into a new world, you have to trust and take the leap.

When you tap into the fear, you'll realize that every single time that you've tried something new you've felt that same fear. When you have your first day of school, or the first time you work in a new place. All of these things create essentially the same feeling of fear. This fear is actually you growing. It's you breaking old neuro pathways and creating new ones. This is why you have to be brave enough to go through the fear and not back down once the emotion arises.

As a Spirit, you are and always will be evolving. You'll always want more things and want to experience more things, not because you're greedy, but because you are an ever growing and evolving being. You're in this game for Growth over your entire lifetime.

So you'll always be feeling this emotion of wanting and desiring something more. The game of you is designed this way. This is because you are here for Expansion and Growth.

When you make peace with this part of yourself, you can settle more. You can know that this desire feeling is there to help you stretch and grow. Instead of being irritated that you're not where you want to be faster, you get to slow down and listen to the messages.

Are you Buying into Lack Programs or Tuning into Wealth Vibes?

When Buying into Lack Programs:

I only have this much money in my bank account. I'm not going to invest in myself because I'm afraid I won't have more.

I want to buy this house, but I am afraid that I'll spend my money and I won't have more.

You wake up, "I woke up late, I already don't have enough time."

I can never make that amount of money (just because you never have, doesn't mean you never will)

No one around me makes that much money (just because no one around you has ever made that much money, doesn't mean you can't)

When you see yourself dipping into too much of what already exists and making decisions from there, instead of tapping into your desire and making decisions from there, then you'll always get the same results in life.

So when do you know that you're vibing into Wealth Vibes?

I really desire this thing. I don't have the money right now. How can I get really creative? What can I create to generate more income?

I really desire this thing, I wonder how it's going to just show up for me?

I really desire this thing, I wonder how the Universe is going to find the fastest route to bring this experience, this house, this car, this situation to me?

When do you truly allow yourself to actually say what you actually want. This hard part is to hold that vibe no matter what. You may not know WHEN.. because you have to let go of the Time piece, (Universe doesn't like to be manipulated with Time), you literally just have to Vibe in the trust. This is happening now. How will I feel if this happening now? How can I keep feeling this new way and trust that that physical thing is on its way to me now?

That's when you catch the Wealth Waves and the Wealth Vibes. It's a frequency. 

You have to turn off the rest of the voices all around you. The voices that say that you can't. The voices inside of your head that says that you can't.

Surround yourself with people with powerful voices. Find the people that will encourage you and remind you that you can powerfully create your new reality. See them holding magic and space for this. Feel their encouraging words. Feel them loving you. And you love them. Feel this stream of Universal Energy that pulses through all of you. Feel that Vortex being created. Let that energy Raise and Rise you.

Keep practicing, what if it's happening right now? What if you're in the middle of it?

And enjoy every single sweet step of the journey.


Samantha & The Soulit Sisters

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