Adding Value in every Situation Brings you Blessings

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2019

Asking for how you can bring value versus what can you take?

This is probably one of the biggest energy shifts any human being can make. The two most magical beings that taught me this were a couple of my favorite people Gabriella Tice and Adrian Bailey.

There was a time when these two magical beings were my roommate... and the level of happiness and lightness I felt every day was priceless. When you’re in an energy space where someone’s thoughts are “how can I make this more beautiful” “how can I make this space more efficient” “how can everyone truly benefit from living in this space?” The way that everyone acts and feels is so much different....

When we lived together I would walk home and someone had made dinner...someone else was cleaning.... I’d look and find some new beautiful art piece somewhere in the house or something organized....

we’d have dinner... talk about our day and process... laugh... and then do arts and crafts and make our vision boards or something else fun....

then we’d sleep... and wake up singing and making funny videos 🙂

when everyone comes from the space of what can I give.... the energy field because a fast spinning vortex where everything you want is manifested so much faster!

Where can you micro shift your attitude or perspective today into how can I serve? What can I give? And how can I stretch in my ability of giving?



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