The deepest form of Self Love

self love Mar 03, 2020


The deepest form of Self Love

is when you no longer judge 

the parts of you that shows up in others. 


Judgement comes from believing one is better than another


A form of separation.

Separating yourself from another


When actually separation is just an illusion

We are all made of the same material

We all come from the same ocean of consciousness


Everyone in your life is merely a reflection of you

Like a mirror so you can see all of you


Energetically speaking,

they literally wouldn't be in your life if 

something in them wasn't vibrating in you

(Law of Attraction 101)


So by judging something or someone

we are actually judging a part of ourselves 

that's being reflected back to us


we are shitting on a part of ourselves 

that doesn't feel like they deserve to be loved


Literally depriving ourselves of love

Not allowing in the love to that parts of ourselves

that needs/wants to be loved the most.


The part of you that is judging/rejecting 

an older needy version of you,

which then amplifies the needy vibes in others 

as this part of you tries to grab your attention


The part of you believing you're not good enough

and afraid of being abandoned because 

you've convinced yourself that you are somehow not lovable


Love on the part of you that is judging an older version of you

Love on the part of you that feels unlovable

Love on the part of you that is afraid of being abandoned


Thank that part of you for trying to keep you safe

Thank that part of you for showing you how to let more love in

Reassure her that she gets to be loved anyway

Hold her in your arms and tell her how much you love her


Feel how good it feels to be held in your own arms 

Welcome to the depth of your Love.

So Much Love,


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