Start with the Desire and Work Backwards

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2020

The reason why you want the thing is so that you can have a feeling. The roadmap to get the thing though, is to get to the feeling first, and to stay in the feeling for no reason at all.


The feeling is the vibe that sends the signals to the Universe to bring that thing or experience into your reality.


The magic about being in the feeling first is that when you are feeling really really good in your body, you are connected to the Cosmos. There is an internal decision that you are connected to the Life Force of All That Is. And when you are tuned into this magic, this is where the flow state is.


This is why ‘actualizing your business, getting the thing’ all of this is a Spiritual Practice because it’s really a practice of Oneness. It’s a reminder that between you and all of Creation, there is no separation.


If there is something in your world that you want that you aren’t manifesting, you wanna look at the Defense Mechanisms. What is blocking you from having an actual and authentic connection to that thing, or that person? What is holding you back from feeling that Oneness feeling?


Once the Defense Mechanism is dissolved, getting what you want is easy, because you feel safe to receive the person or the thing.





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