Self Sourcing: how to step into your power and create mindfully



"Your life is your magic wand" 


Self Sourcing is about being tuned in & guided by your Inner BEing. 

It is the connection to the Expansive/Divine Source within you, that you can access at any time, so instead of measuring things such as our worth, value or decisions based on outside sources, it leads you back to unconditional love and alignment with the truth of your right to thrive. 

Self Sourcing is a reminder to

Tune into... 

trusting the unknown, no matter what is happening in your life,

you're the one guiding your energy

Having enough forgiveness and grace for yourself, that even when you forget- it draws you back into alignment. 


It is

Sovereignty over the self

that takes your energy chords and power back and gives people back theirs

Operating from a place of interdependence instead of co-dependence

So when co-creations happen it opens doorways to new possibilities


When this happens the inner being can be tuned in with discernment to navigate the alignment of the self.

It brings more clarity

speeds up the process of what and how you create


Some of our favorite tools for Self Sourcing are

• Play your favorite music, feel the flow, dance.
Listen to your body and move to the rhythm of your own body while you dance.

• Create a morning sacred ritual so that you build up the momentum of your own flow first - write, pull Angel/Oracle cards, do Qi Gong, do yoga, drink water, visualize your day going really really well, get clear on how you want to feel that day

• Take time to journal and tune in - write a love letter to yourself

• Meditation - turn off yucky vibe, turn on sparkly vibe


Remember that the sacred power is within you. You are the one that is creating your unique Reality. You are the one that gets to decide what thoughts you want to entertain. You are the one that gets to direct the flow and the momentum of your emotions. 

we love you!



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