Maintain the Vibe to Maintain the Vibe, not to ‘get’ the thing

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2020


When you realize that you are actualizing and creating everything in your world, this gets to be really fun. How can you find ways to “Maintain the Vibe to Maintain the Vibe to Maintain the Vibe.” That’s it! What do you need to do to feel really soul good in your body and soul happy?

How can you create the feelings and the emotions in your body of already having the thing you Desire and how can you milk it and feel it even more?

When you cultivate this level of joy, when anything that comes into your world you just feel pure magic flowing through your cells for no reason at all, then you are connected to All That Is. You realize that Cosmos wants to play, Cosmos wants to create more, Cosmos wants to expand so when you create more, do more, expand more, feel more, experience more… you’re in alignment with the Forces of Creation.

That’s why it feels so good.

This is why your Desires are so Big. They are gifted to you from the Heavens. The Desire is the Map.

The Desire is the energy that will get you there fastest.

The Cosmos knows the fastest route to your Desire. So just feel it first, get to it for no reason at all, and the rest of your energy field will start to tune back up and re-vibrate.

When you get off Vibe.. take a moment to journal out.. What are you feeling? Why are you feeling this? Does this thought still serve you? Where did this thought come from? Is this your thought or someone else’s?

Change the thought to something that feels really really good and see how your world unfolds.



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