You are not here to prove, You are here to simply & Divinely be yourself

Being Yourself.

This May sound like the most obvious, easy thing and yet the hardest.

Because so often we’re taught, ”your value, your worth, where you are and who you are is measured & confirmed by someone or something outside of you.”

This understanding of how you perceive yourself mostly feels like your own, with some sort of invisible measurement reminding you that you’re somehow “missing the mark” when you compare yourself to the way you “should” look, be, or show up.

But the truth is…. the most potent way to be and walk through the world is to be authentically you. You are literally made of stardust, and there are multiverses inside of you… limitless possibilities through which you are meant to discover and express who you are.

This is actually the greatest gift to yourself, others and the world. When you live limited by someone else’s expectations, or visions of you or for you… so much is lost.


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Vibe Foward

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2020


Hi Love Light


We so often hear the word VIBE, but what does this actually mean and how can VIBE FORWARD LIVING be a huge key ingredient for you to activate your next level personal + business + relationship success?


Your Aura, VIBE and Energy speaks to a crowd before you ever even say a word.


Our body is communicating with us every single day and it teaches us how to tend to our VIBE. It guides us and let's us know, where are we placing our focus, attention and awareness today? Are our actions and decisions powering up our energy field or are we doing things that drop and collapse our power?


When we listen to the tiniest subtle signals from our body, we begin to realize it is giving us the exact instructions we are craving to access happiness, success, the flow state, and all of those yummy bliss chemistry activating VIBES.


When we truly take time to listen to our bodies, we give our Spirit a safe space to merge with our physical...

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Are you Buying into Lack Programs or Tuning into Wealth Vibes?

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2020

This morning as I was journaling, I caught myself tapping back into some old lack programs. I realized that I was buying into the concept and the idea that "Right Now", may not change. I was making decisions based on what I had available to me right now in this moment, versus stretching myself to ask myself, "What are creative ways for me to get to where I want to go?"

When are times that you 'Buy into the idea of limitation' and make your choices from there?

When do your friends, family members encourage you to "Buy into lack and limitation"?

When you do you find yourself... trying to stretch, and the voices around you telling you that you 'can't'?

If you continue to make decisions right now based on what you have, you'll never be able to grow and expand into someone new, because your'e playing in the same realm. You're essentially deciding to play small. We hear this term all the time, but let's dive deeper into breaking down this concept. What does it mean to be playing small?


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What is MY Role?

To all the Light beings of this planet,


As we stand together in the midst of this Global Transformation,

a powerful question that I've been asking myself is…


What is MY Role?


How do I contribute to the issues being highlighted?

How do I contribute to the solutions being highlighted?

How have I been showing up for humanity before?

How am I going to show up for humanity now?

What is my role?


Each and every one of us have a role (embedded within our Soul Blueprint) within this Great Change we are witnessing. 


A part of my Gene Keys (A hologenetic profile of your Soul) is the 44th Gene Key - all about the specific slice of suffering I chose to undertake within my lifetime and healing them through my relationships with those who is a part of the story of this slice of suffering.

A part of my personal transformational path within this Gene Key is moving through the Shadow frequencies of “Interference” through the Gift of...

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Embodying the Expansion Queen


"Grace is love in motion"

Embracing all aspects of yourself is a practice of grace. This means no matter  where you are at and what you are facing, that love flows into it, and through this cultivation you expand.  

The authenticity of who you are is allowing your self to be present with, hear and tune into your body, and your guidance system of creative imagination calling you to expand in the process of becoming.

Our life-force is not meant to just be spent on revolving around work and "getting" somewhere.  We are in a whole global energetic upgrade, where all the old rules of what success and expansion has looked like is now unknown.  Versus the pressure of the mind to "make" things happen, this is a potent time to allow the flow of the Universe to seed through your desires and open new portals and realms in your life.

When you allow yourself to desire what you actually want, the Cosmos lines up to respond. Allowing yourself to be seen through the...

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Juicing up the Divine Femme


Juicing up the Divine Femme

Discover the truth of who you are 

Our natural state is actually one of wellbeing.

This natural flow may feel jammed from conditioning in feelings of responsibility, obligations, and old stories.  Juicing up the feminine is accessing the channels of magic & joy that are truly interwoven in the mundane.

The Divine Femme is constantly in creation.

The cycles of creation are like that of the moon, her different rhythms of becoming within transitions from hidden in the darkness of the starry medicine womb to sharing her full light. 

Learning how to honor where you're at is finding flexibility in the process of  your becoming & magnifies your channel of creativity, passions, intuition, and joys. When you tune into your own Divine Lead, the vibration of your Essence emanates out & what you desire to naturally follows.

 Soul-gasms, energy-gasm, food-gasms, joy-gasms, orgasms... infuse into the guiding...

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How to stay in Alignment with Your own energy


Staying in Alignment with Your own Energy

"In order to live a rich life, everything about who you are must be one, in alignment, and in pure harmony" 

-Suze Orman

Our auric/energy fields are constantly exchanging energy.  Knowing yourself and having healthy energetic boundaries help you get aligned with your energetic standard.

It's important to create the energetic, physical and emotional space to digest and clear out your space. Carving out time whether it is 30 seconds, 5 minutes or more can help to restore your energetic field so you can build the discernment of what is yours and what is not.

When you take the time to tune in with the frequency of your own personal truth, you build the relationship to your energetic well being and frequency of alignment.  Our relationships mirror different chords or aspects of where we might need to look at and address, and by taking the time to sit with these can begin to break down the charges associated with them. In turn,...

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The Benefits of Generating Joy

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2020

The Benefits of Generating Joy 

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you,
a joy"



Joy is the natural and organic rhythms of who you are. When you are feeling drifted off and away from joy, it's a time to pause, breathe, feel. Take a moment to bring all of your love, attention and awareness to the moment. Let your body bring itself back into harmony and balance. 

When you pause, breathe and feel, as simple as this may seem, it gives your body the signal that you are totally and completely loved in this moment. That all of your love, focus and attention is brought back into the NOW moment. The NOW, this is where all of your power is. Where all of your power is, is where you have the decision to generate and create joy.

What happens when we take time to calibrate ourselves and bring ourselves back to our natural state of joy?

Our vibration speeds up. Literally the wavelengths and particles of light that travels within our body speeds up....

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Creativity Is Key: Why following through on inspiration is important



Why following through on your inspiration is important

"Creativity doesn't wait for the perfect moment. It fashions it's own perfect moments out of ordinary ones."

-Bruce Garrabrandt

 Creativity is about opening up to the magic that is inside of you asking to be brought to life. 

There is no set roadmap or limits here. It’s like building a muscle of trust yourself, your Divine guidance and the way it is meant to flow through the uniqueness of you.  Following through on your creativity is like ringing the tuning fork of your Soul Essence.

Because you have a unique soul vibration, creativity is key in allowing new waves and forms to calibrate what is in alignment for you.  That’s why many times when we follow someone else’s “way” it doesn’t achieve the same results and may create blockages. Often times we close ourself off from following through on our inspirations & ideas from judgements about ourself and the fear of...

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Now is the time to heal


Now is the time to heal

"Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality"

-Aster & Ricter Abend

As we move forward in our day to day lives,  it is now up to us to create the magic. We have an opportunity now to make joy an internal decision. The things that you have been wanting to do for yourself and that you have been putting on the back burner, gets to take front seat priority now. What is that one huge passionate thing that you have been day dreaming about doing? Go ahead, share your deep dark secret with yourself. Now is the time for you to be real, get raw, go deep and unravel the true you that has been aching to come forth and be seen.

That inner call can be quieted down no more. This is the time for you to get wild and set yourself FREE. Be as strong as you can, physically, mentally, emotionally. No longer are you on the side lines, watching these things happen on TV.. you get to decide and make your new reality real.

Take time to learn how to cook those new...

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