The Integrated Healer Tier 1 Questionnaire


Hi beautiful friend! It's so wonderful that you are looking into joining the The Integrated Healer Tier 1.

Please take the next 15-20 minutes to fill out this questionnaire so that I know exactly what you are searching for in a coach, healer and program and I'll be in touch with you within 48 hours to see if The Integrated Healer is a match!

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Question 1 of 13

What is your 3 month vision?

What does it look like, what does it feel like? 

Question 2 of 13

What are some key manifestations that you are aligning to and attracting?

Question 3 of 13

How would you feel if you had already manifested the above?

Question 4 of 13

How do you want to feel in this 3 month journey?


Question 5 of 13

What have you tried in the past that hasn't worked out how you imagined?

Question 6 of 13

What do you feel is holding you back from the level of success you desire?

Question 7 of 13

How committed are you to achieve your success and desires on a scale of 1- 10?

Question 8 of 13

What is the most effective, fun and easy way for you to be coached?

Question 9 of 13

How can I nourish you the most?

What are the specific ways do you feel loved on and supported?

What don't you like in that realm?

Question 10 of 13

How do you prefer to be communicated to?

Question 11 of 13

What are your biggest conscious triggers?


Question 12 of 13

What shuts you off and puts you into resistant mode?

Question 13 of 13

What is best for you when you feel triggered? 

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