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Welcome Gorgeous Queen!

We see you and we see all the magical things you want to feel, experience and create. Our purpose is to empower you so that you make bold decisions aligned with your Inner Truth, feel incredible Joy, create massive Divine Wealth and Impact all at the same time! We know that YOUR MISSION MATTERS and want to see you thrive in all the Ways that light up your soul! The journey towards you creating your soulful empire gets to be filled with joy and ease.



Want the Soulful Hacker Codes to light up your world and access next level inner + outer success?


We've laid out our Signature 4 Step Process so that you get to have it all. See your mindset shift from 'Impossible to I'm Possible'.

Watch the video, tune into the energy activation and do the playbook assignment ASAP. You'll be soul happy you did.


We take coaching to the next level.

This is all about the behind the scenes energetics 

The inner workings of manifestation and what you create in your world has so many gorgeous layers. When you are only looking at surface level energetics, you get surface level results.

Here at Soulit, we provide a complete transformational process. Using state of the art energy healing technology, we support you in clearing out old thought patterns, limiting beliefs, ancestral programming, past life energetics and beyond so that you get to access the level of freedom and success that you deserve.

We also provide you with the tools of how to live in alignment with your Unique Soul Signature Blueprint. What is the best way for you to show up and operate in the world according to your own Soul Map, so you can work smarter, not harder.

Through working together, you'll easily tap into your Truth, your Joy, your Wealth and a whole new level of Impact.

At Soulit, we strongly embody and teach that healing gets to be fun.




Wealth Queen

I teach you how to be wealthy on all levels. Wealth is all around you and we get to tap into the energetics that make that realization possible. Once we integrate + embody the truth of wealth, money flows easily and freely. Simply put: Money is a bi product of wealth.

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Truth Priestess

I teach you how to see and trust the deepest Truth within yourself, so you can access the wisdom and healing that is always inside.  When you have a deeper understanding of the sacredness through your experiences, your own unique magick unfolds. No matter where you are in your journey, there is a deep inner knowing that guides you. This authentic living is the greatest gift to yourself, others and the Universe.

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Joy Activator 

I teach you how to free yourself from the illusion of suffering so you can access the power of your bliss no matter what is happening in your life. This energy is embedded in every moment of every day, and is the key to having it all if you know how to access it. Joy is one of the most powerful energies that you get to create from, an even higher frequency than love. Imagine what it will feel like when everything you create comes from the space of joy.

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Business Oracle

I teach you how to see your Business in a new way so that you get to experience even more joy, play and ease in your Business Creation World. When working in your business feels fun and playful, this energy will translate into your everyday world. By generating more love and joy in your business, you'll feel healthier, attract more wealth and create even more impact with ease.

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Our clients experience miracles with us that they never have before


We often hear from our clients, "I can't believe that happened so fast!" Many times, the transformation happened so quickly they don't even recognized it's happened. We've seen bodies heal in incredible ways, incomes sky rocket, relationships become closer than ever. Our everyday is a reminder that miracles are a natural way of life.

S J Crews, Real Estate Guru

Momo is a gift from the gods.

She's like a brain surgeon in her ability to go detailed on physical level. It’s like art watching her blend her traditional scientific training with her energy work

I worked intensely with Momo during one of the roughest parts of my life. I was pretty much hitting rock bottom. Momo helped lift me up from the ashes. 

Momo’s work is so powerful that the manifestations are undeniable. 

With Momo, there is no room for doubt. If you’re a skeptic, you might be at one of your moments wondering if someone can really do any changes though energy alone, and then “boom” just an undeniable result or series of results shows up that you have to turn into a believer again. My life is changed forever after working with her, I am forever grateful.

Brittany Gordien, Coach + Healer

"Mason is one of the most powerful wealth + alignment coaches and healers I’ve ever worked with!

After just one session, I instantly tripled my prices and launched a new program that’s opening new portals to the frequency of wealth on all levels - financially, vibrationally, in my relationship and manifestations.

Mason radiates wealth from every cell of her being and teaches you how to tap into this part of yourself. just being in her field will instantly calibrate you to a higher frequency. her ability to see through your limitations and joyfully guide you to your quantum leap is done with a unique groundedness, childlike sense of adventure and beautiful grace.

Forever grateful for all the ways you have and continue to inspire my growth and help me dream + receive more than I ever knew possible."

Kirsten Marie Luna,

Working with Samantha is a priceless gift to yourself.  I did not have ah-ha moments but true transformation in only a few sessions. 

She moved old patterns and stories buried in my conscious that allowed me to transform my relationship with myself and brake patterns of self-sabotage, emotional eating, and under-performing with ease. 

I spent years seeking answers outside myself and Samantha’s techniques led me home to my own inner wisdom that caused a permanent shift in my soul and opened me to receive.

I also immediately started attracting more money, more time and more love in my life.  If you are struggling to connect with yourself, shake off old patterns or shift paradigms like I did I highly recommend Samantha Blossom. 

How Soulit Works

1. Discover Your Truth

It starts with You. Making Genuine and Authentic Decisions Daily. 

De-Conditioning from other people's ideas of what makes you happy is a process. These old ways of operating keep you stuck in stress mode because it's not authentic to your unique energetic flow and design. 
By tapping into your authentic Truth, you get to experience life in a way that feels good for you and nourishes the people around you.

2. Awaken Your Joy

What truly Lights Up your Soul? Not what other people think that will light you up, but truly what turns you on?

What are the things in your world that generate and create more power versus the things that dim your light. 


Knowing how to find and experience joy during the ups and downs of your life is one of the most powerful things that you can access. You begin to see the Bigger Picture and realize that everything is happening for you. From this space, manifestation and creation happens soul much faster.

3. Create Incredible Wealth

Wealth is a by-product of you turning on your light. When you are living your life joyously, freely as you were born to live, you naturally attract wealth. Wealth is inevitable when you are feeling this level of joy and ease in your body. 

4. The Ripple Effect is Impact

You get to create impact with your business, in your family world and as a leader in your own universe. When your cup is full, you are a role model for the people around you. When you feel lightness, joy and wealth, this energy radiates from you. You being in your power is the greatest gift that you can share with others.

Client Love Notes

R Wolfe, Entrepreneur


I had almost given up- therapist after therapist and psychotherapists & I always left them feeling worse than when I came in. I was already in a lot of pain and depressed and sick. I had lost hope as to what to do and how to do it.

When I first met Jenn I didn't know how she could help me, but found she has a great powerful gift.  She brought me back to myself, back to hope, and helped me learn to listen to the truth inside of me. 

I finally came into my SELF. So much of my thinking and perception around my value changed, and gave me the confidence I never had before. 

I don't know if I would still be here if it weren't for working with her.  My life has changed, and although I still have my ups and downs as life brings, I have the greater ability to handle these things.  She helped give me the tools  to live life in my truth and worth in a way I didn't think possible.

Dr. Amron Bevels, Coach

"My business has grown in ALL the right ways, in a matter of weeks.

Major mental upleveling

Major CLAIMING of my wants

Getting out NEED thinking

Getting out of “justification of my wants” thinking

I have made the most money in the shortest period of time, ever (I made what I made last YEAR, in one WEEK!)

My clarity as a channel for my clients’ empowerment and personal development has totally transformed; my energy reserve for clients has increased while my actual work output in hours has drastically decreased. My sense of ease and JOY in my life have gone way way up.

This is all inside work. The outside has to follow suit. Need I say more? So much love for you, Mason."

Kristin English,

Although the magic Sam works is hard to describe, the impact of it is not.

She is so intuitive and knowledgeable and is able to leverage that to help you figure out what's blocking your path to success so you're able to move beyond it.

I can't tell you how many different modalities Sam has used during our sessions because she weaves them together so seamlessly and effectively.

And because she's mastered so many different modalities, the support and guidance she provides cannot be replicated by anyone else.

In addition to feeling heard, supported, empowered and motivated by our sessions, I love how Sam really embodies what she helps her clients work towards.

She has, without a doubt, found her calling in life and is using it to elevate the vibration of the whole world. I'm so grateful the universe brought us together.

Linda Bezdekova, Yoga Teacher + Life Coach


Working with Momo is pure magic.

Her loving energy made me feel safe and present like I haven’t felt before.

What I loved about working with Momo was the incredible, accurate and on point insight to my own subconsciousness. 

I felt the change immediately, something clicked. Even though the time we spent per session was just an hour, the healing kept unfolding for weeks after each session. I could actually feel so much energy shifting in my body and mind.

My vision for my life is clearer, I have better clarity of who I am and where I am going. I just feel happier and excited about life. If you are considering working with Momo, don’t hesitate. Momo is an amazing, gifted healer and guide who helps you to integrate all that comes up.

What I love is that Momo helps you to tap into your own energy and potential and then support you as you show up for yourself in this way in all areas of your life - career, relationships, service, abundance… AND you get to witness the results super fast!

Z Burke, Entrepreneur


I didn't know what to expect at first.. The soul mapping alone was awesome and a key to many doors of opportunities of growth in itself. 

The questions that Jenn started asking were so simple yet so hard to answer.  The questions were difficult because you really had to go deep inside yourself and be totally real with yourself and not sugar coat the answers.

It was also cool and eye opening in so many ways of just what you actually think of yourself and where you come from.   When we were done with the Soul Mapping, Jenn asked if i had an intention going into the session and I stated what my intention was very clearly.

What an amazing experience. I personally went into a past life or what i thought was a past life... I don't know if this actually happened but the clarity that it brought to me in this current lifetime is astonishing. 

The parallels and synchronicity that have been brought to my awareness and the connecting of the dots is profound and honestly just cool as shit...  What was really incredible is the intention that i went in- everything she touched on and shifted was so interconnected & way beyond!

Working with her is straight up next level.... Jenn is amazing at guiding you through this experience and what and experience it is.  Thanks and can't wait for more of this journey...

Tools We Use

1. BodyTalk + BodyIntuitive 

Your Body has all of the codes for your success. By working in the morphogenic field, we support you body in creating space for spontaneous healing and powerful soul alignment. Here we move energy to clear out past life stories, ancestral programming, trapped childhood emotions as well as optimize the flow of energetics in your body. By working with your innate wisdom, we listen to the body to repair lines of communication within yourself and with your external world.

2. Light Code Activations
By increasing the light quotient of your cells, we increase the capacity of your cells to access Life Force Energy. This life force energy supports your cells with having enough energy to make the energetic leap into its next level evolution. Whether it is body healing, relationship healing or business creation, the more light energy your body has access to, the faster it is for you to be able to make the kind of leap in consciousness you may be desiring.
3. Human Design

Human Design holds the key to the operating system of your unique energy system. It supports you in understanding how to show up in the world in a way that is aligned for your unique energy type so that you can work smarter, not harder. There are 5 Energy Types: Manifestor, Projector, Manifesting Generator, Generator and Reflector. Learning how to access your optimal flow supports you in creating more wealth while experiencing more ease in your everyday life. Knowing your Energy Type supports you in better communication as well as accessing more of your own life force energy.

4. Gene Keys

Gene Keys is a wealth of wisdom that supports you in bringing awareness to your subtle energetics. These are the tiny fine tuning aspects that support you in accessing profound changes in your life. Knowing your Gene Keys is like knowing your deepest secrets and being seen on the deepest level of you. When you have an incredible understanding of yourself, you're able to navigate the world with even more power and energy.

5. The Power of Contemplation

If you can feel it, you can heal it. If you can see it, you can change it. Oftentimes in order to cope, we bury how we feel or bury what we see in order to be able to handle life. These buried emotions are underneath what is creating stress and pressure in your world. When we take time to observe the behind the scenes energetics, the thought patterns and the stories that we tell ourselves, we get to make a new and powerful decision on how we want to move forward in the world. Through contemplation and self awareness, we are able to more quickly make decisions that truly feel aligned with our deepest soul essence.


6. Transformation at light speed
Using our unique backgrounds we curate an experience uniquely designed for you and your highest good. 
Some other techniques we use include: DNA Light Code Activation, Accunect, Rainbow Light Codes, Sacred Geometry, Kundalini Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Chakra Healing, Ancestral Epigenetic Clearing, Quantum Energy Healing, Theta Healing, Reiki, Past LIfe Therapy, 13 Strand DNA Activation and more.

Soulit's WATER Mission

Water is the consciousness of pure joy.

We love clean oceans and we love clean water. Currently in 2020, there is an estimated 790 million people on the planet without access to clean water. One of Soulit's missions is to bring high vibrational water to the people who desire it the most.

Soulit has been given channeled guidance that when the entire planet is fully hydrated, as in clean water is brought to every human being on the planet, we will reach our next level of planetary ascension. This is a huge elevation of joy for all of us!

This is part of why we are so passionate about funding clean water and clean ocean projects. You'll notice that many of our projects and programs have a percentage that go towards some of our favorite water charities.

What is your favorite way to bless and love up on water?

An invitation to a brand new masterclass by Mason


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The Approach Masterclass

Finding the Power Hidden in your Choice. 

The energy in which you approach your limiting beliefs makes all the difference.


Ways to work with Soulit

Group Coaching + Online Courses

We offer incredibly powerful group containers as well as online courses that support you in awakening your perspectives and world views. Each group coaching and online course is encoded with powerful energy activations where we support you with moving energy so that you can get to where you want to be faster.

1:1 Private Coaching

Through 1:1 Private Coaching and Mentorship, you experience the deepest transformations. We recommend this for clients who are ready to do the deeper work and are ready for profound shifts and changes in their world. 

Work with all 4

This is our most intimate offer and our most highly transformational process. An invitation to work with all 4 of the Soulit Sisters. We design a program with your needs in mind. Currently taking applications.

Tools to empower you, Queen

our programs are love notes from the Universe

Explore our collection of incredible programs to take you to your own personal next level success. We are always creating new courses, so stop by often or shoot us an email and let us know what topics you'd love to dive deep into, and we may choose your idea for our next course creation!

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The Money Codes is waiting for you

This isn't your average money mindset work.

After working within the energy healing world collectively + guiding hundreds of clients into their dream world for the last 20 years, Mason and Samantha tap into what is really going on behind the scenes to create your reality with money with a incredibly potent online course that uses energetic healing sessions, EFT tapping, kundalini yoga videos and light code activations.

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Sparkle Academy

Business Matrix Energetics

Your Business Matrix is a living, breathing energy field filled with magic. When you truly learn how to tap into these unique sacred soul codes, you'll find that you get to create even more joy + lightness + wealth in your business creation world. 

By activating and awakening your soul genius on a deeper level, you'll naturally find new and creative ways that make your business come to life and be a vortex for wealth and bliss.

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The Newest Program from Soulit with Mason

A major revival of the throat chakra

We share energy as we communicate - it is time we harness this power and speak from an aligned place

Day 1: Communication with Others
Day 2: Communication within Your Business Matrix
Day 3: Communication with Wealth
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You Are Your North Star


Expand Your Energetic Brilliance through inner soul discovery. 

Embody + Radiate your Soul Power through the morphogenic field. Every action that you take touches the hologram of the Universe. You are much more powerful than you know. Learn to love yourself even more deeply and to harness this power and connection to the Universe for incredible IMPACT + Success. 

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We are all about co- creating with heart aligned souls

If you have a passion for awakening people and up vibing the planet, we'd love to collab with you. Let's connect to see if our values and intentions are aligned. If this sounds like you, we may be the perfect fit to explore an affiliate partnership. Sign up to learn more!

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