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We're Mason + Samantha + Jenn + Momo

We teach every day humans how to access their inner superpowers. Our purpose is to break down the simple steps to manifestation so that you can live your dream life now.

You'll learn how to powerfully heal yourself with energy medicine and learn how to listen to the messages from your body, get back in touch with your inner guidance system so you can more easily navigate life, and get crystal clear on how to joyously + magically manifest more of what you want.

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What would your life look like if you were supported by a tribe as you embodied your most vibrant and authentic self? Soulit Hub is a sacred container that has been mindfully created for easy ascension, conscious community and radical transformation. Each month there is a clear focus guided by a Soulit Session and Soul Insight Teaching videos + worksheets and more! 

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Living Soulit

The podcast that creates soul aligned conscious community 

We are so excited to announce our upcoming podcast: Living Soulit! A light filled space where we can bring in consciousness teachers, coaches and planet awakeners from all over world that are experts in their field and broaden our perspectives. A true HUB of magic and wisdom!


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YOU WERE BORN TO EXPERIENCE + CREATE Your own joyous world + culture

We are your manifestation coaches, and our destiny is to awaken humans to become their most creative + inspired self. 

• We're here to remind you how to access the joy and creation energy in your everyday world. 

• To empower you to see the gifts in your darkness and your shadows. 

• To activate deeper love, true creativity, wild spontaneity and inner freedom. 

• To teach you how to tune into your inner compass and more powerfully navigate through your world 

• To show you how radical responsibility can be fun and joyous 

Because YOU’RE meant to Experience your most joyous creations and live your dream life not in your imagination, yet rather in your current reality now.

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"Mason’s ability to identify body-held memories and emotions is nothing short of amazing. Her practice is full of wisdom and honoring of what arises in each session. With Mason’s help, I have released traumatic memories and emotions resulting in improved physical and emotional health including self-compassion"

- K. W.

"I can’t even begin to explain how absolutely wonderful Samantha Blossom truly is! I once described her as a “walking rainbow”, and I feel like this may be the most accurate so far!"

- B. M.

"Mason has been a huge part of my awakening process. She’s been able to tap into some energies that have healed my life, including ancestral patterns i didn’t even realize i was carrying. I couldn’t recommend her enough! She is amazingly talented and an intuitive healer that has transformed my life in a dramatic way."

- C. W.

""Samantha's knowledge of and experience in a variety of healing modalities allow her to tailor each treatment to fit your individual needs. She goes beyond expectation to provide information and advice that enhance the healing process; I have learned many valuable things from her and carry them with me still. With her warm heart and intuitive sense, Samantha creates an atmosphere where you feel truly cared for and supported. ""

- D. C.

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