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Hi beautiful love,

We are Samantha, Mason, Jenn and Momo. We see your soul genius and it is our greatest joy to see you shimmer & radiate your gorgeous light to its fullest. The world is craving your Soul voice & gifts, and we want you to have access to all of the tools you need to unlock your soul brilliance

The Money Codes is waiting for you

This isn't your average money mindset work.

After working within the energy healing world collectively + guiding hundreds of clients into their dream world for the last 20 years, Mason and Samantha tap into what is really going on behind the scenes to create your reality with money with a incredibly potent online course that uses energetic healing sessions, EFT tapping, kundalini yoga videos and light code activations.


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For a limited time, we are offering our 3 day masterclass. Each day will be a journey of inner exploration, discovery and activation of the 3 Virtues within to accelerate the magic in your inner and outer world.

Day 1
The Virtue of Trust
Day 2
The Virtue of Grace
Day 3
The Virtue of Wonder
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Join us for a miraculous gathering

There is a sparkle inside of you, that is telling you that there is so much more undiscovered magic in your own Universe. You are ready to re-awaken your own powerful energy and light. You know you were born for something incredible, and you are ready to ignite that within yourself. You are ready to claim being the CEO of your own Universe.


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The Soulit Sisters



Grounded Spiritual Embodiment Coach

Reminding you how to reclaim your inner magick through ease so you align with your soul's abundance


Soul Activator + Quantum Energy Healer

Here to activate your DNA light codes, experience pure freedom in your fullest expression, and manifest your deepest soul desires into reality.


Soul SPARKLE Coach

With a focus in Wealth Creation & Business Matrix Manifestation as well as decoding the secret language of your body...


Quantum Energy Alchemist, Seer

Specializing in the Ancestral & Star lineage, bridging the realms of the multiverses within you to live the expression of your own wild magic

The Soulit Mission


Water is the consciousness of pure joy.

We love clean oceans and we love clean water. Currently in 2020, there is an estimated 790 million people on the planet without access to clean water. One of Soulit's missions is to bring high vibrational water to the people who desire it the most.

Soulit has been given channeled guidance that when the entire planet is fully hydrated, as in clean water is brought to every human being on the planet, we will reach our next level of planetary ascension. This is a huge elevation of joy for all of us!

This is part of why we are so passionate about funding clean water and clean ocean projects. You'll notice that many of our projects and programs have a percentage that go towards some of our favorite water charities.

What is your favorite way to bless and love up on water?

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Soulit HUB is the easiest way to work with us! You receive one teaching video and one Soulit Session video each month to light up your world. These very powerful manifestation tools will guide you to create the life you want to live now.

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What we do

Guide your Soul in bringing its fullest expression into the Earth Plane.



Discover your Soul Blueprint

Gene Keys, Human Design, Astrological Natal Chart, Ancestral Lineage


We journey with you in the discovery of your Soul's Truest Essence using all aspects of your Sacred Soul Grid. Awaken your genius, your power, your gifts, and your purpose through discovering your Soul Blueprint and fall in love with the masterpiece that is you.



Embody your Fullest Expression

BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive, Reiki, DNA light code activation,
Rainbow light codes, Sacred Geometry, Kundalini Chakra system, Past Life therapy,
Ancestral Epigenetic clearing, Quantum Energy Healing, Theta Healing and more.


Using all of these in depth healing modalities we clean, clear, shift the kinks and blockages in your system keeping you from fully embodying your Magic. Align your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spirit Body to the gifts of your Soul and watch your Soul's deepest desires manifest into the Physical world with ease and joy at light speed!



Live Soulit

Intuitive Guidance, Manifestation Coaching, Quantum Alchemy teachings


Let your Soul light up your path. By seeing the energetics "behind the scenes" of the Cosmos we can reprogram our minds, rewire the neuropathways in our brains to create new thought patterns and refine our focus to play in the field of infinite possibilities. Learn to live with the steady guidance of your Soul compass lead by desire and live in the world of miracles. We craft with you your unique systems and strategies to support you in maintaining your light flow and soul success. Living Soulit is a lifestyle and it's the daily choices that keep your vibration high.


Work with us 

We hold you in a super charged sacred vortex as you expand into the fullest expression of YOU. You'll be loved on every step of the way, held, seen, heard making this container deeply powerful and so joyously magical.














I'm ready, let's do it!

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